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 Official Canon Character Auditions Thread!, All auditions for any character go here!
 Posted: Sep 3 2013, 04:57 PM
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-Twilight Sparkle Audition-

Princess Twilight Sparkle. How long had it been since she'd first heard those words? It had been about five years now if memory served, and her memory was usually very good. It was so strange that it all still felt new to her, as if it had just been yesterday that she'd made one of her biggest blunders. Switching around her friends cutie marks and destinies, almost driving them all crazy, but in the end it had actually ended up teaching her greatest lessons and showing her how far she'd come. It had shown her how friendship could really whether any storm and how it could even make somepony stronger!

So even though it had been a very long day and she was almost exhausted, Princess Twilight Sparkle was happy. She was glad that she had the chance to help the ponies of Equestria. To make their lives better and spread the magic of friendship, even if it was just a little bit each day. So as the purple princes levitated her crown from her weary head she bore a smile and trotted over to her desk. She'd be in bed soon, after all she'd seen first-hoof how overwork could affect a pony's performance. Still, something just didn't seem right to her. She couldn't exactly say what was wrong, but she was nervous for some reason. It was no twitchy tail, but she decided to be cautious. You could never be too careful.

"Well I'm sure that whatever happens, my friends and I can handle it! There's no problem that's been able to overcome the power of our friendship yet. Still, I'd rather make sure that we're ready, no matter what happens." She said aloud before looking over and reaffirming she was indeed alone. She had a habit of speaking aloud; after all she Spike had usually been just a few steps away to listen. She shook her head as acknowledgement of this small mistake and returned to her work. There was no time to waste, right? It was better to be safe than sorry.

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 Posted: Sep 7 2013, 09:17 PM
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Audition for one shy little pony, named Fluttershy:

The sun lightly rose, sending stray beams through the window of the home owned by the shyest pony in Ponyville. A small ball of fluff sat next to the sleeping form, sleeping quite soundly himself. The form belonged to the Element of Kindness, Fluttershy. A few of the rays of sunshine floated across her eyes, causing her to stir. She slowly opened her eyes, and glanced down at Angel. The little bunny was still sound asleep~. I hope he can stay that way... Angel gets so cranky if he wakes up early...

Fluttershy slipped out of the blanket, and set her hooves on the floor. Immediately, she knew something was off. She looked around, frowning. The window drew her over. She looked outside, and sighed. That's what it was. I really need to talk to him about that... Oh, I hope it wouldn't be rude, but, this is my house, but, he's my guest, and- Fluttershy shook herself. You just have to go down there, and tell him to fix it. Don't take no for an answer! ... Unless he really means it, then maybe that would be-No! No no's! She nodded, and walked over to the door. She ventured a glance back to Angel-bunny. He was still asleep. He looks so peaceful... I'll have to make him a great breakfast for going to sleep on time last night.

She turned the doorknob, and pushed it open. Suddenly, it creaked loudly. Her eyes blew open, and she turned towards Angel. Pleasedon'twakeuppleasedon'twakeuppleasedon't... Angel turned over, and snored loudly. Fluttershy let out a shaky breath, and stepped out. Fluttershy took wing, and made her way downstairs, to find a certain Draconequus sitting on her couch. "Oh, Fluttershy, there you are! I hope you don't mind that I made myself comfortable~!" Fluttershy looked outside the window again, and breathed in deeply.

Come on Fluttershy, just tell him to turn it back. He'll understand. He can be very nice-Oh, but what if he doesn't? What if Angel wakes up? What if they hate me for it, and then they leave me all alone?! Fluttershy blinked, with wide eyes, before gulping. "M-M-M-Mis-Mister D-Discord?"

Discord raised an eyebrow, leaning forwards. "Yyyyyes, Fluttershy?"

She gulped again, looking out the window. "C-Can you..."

"Can I....?"

"I-I mean, if it's not too much trouble..."

"Out with it~."

"Could you... please put my furniture back on the floor? And us?" Instead of Discord's normal effect of flipping the entire house, he flipped the insides.

"I don't know... Could you make me some breakfast? Something with chocolate..."

"B-But I don't have any chocolate..." She saw the look in his eyes, and she jumped forwards. "B-But I could go to the store and get some!" Discord smiled, and patted her head.

"Thank you so much~. And don't worry, while your at the store, I'll handle the little Angel and fix your house." Fluttershy smiled, nodding. She got a bag for the chocolate, and some other ingredients she'd pick up while she was out, and hopped out the front door.

She trotted down the path, not noticing the entire house flip upside down behind her, and surprised cries coming from a specific little Angel. Discord's so nice for helping out... I'm sure I'll be able to make something for breakfast that both of them will like!

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 Posted: Oct 9 2013, 05:15 AM
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One audition for Princess Cadance~

Princess Cadance blinked awake. Sunlight filtered in, reflecting off of almost every surface in the room. Sometimes it wasn't the best thing to have a home built entirely out of crystal. But, her aunt Celestia knew that she could lead the Crystal Empire, and Cadance wouldn't let her down. Cadance sat up in the bed, rubbing her eyes. She wouldn't let Celestia down, but it didn't make it any easier to get up in the morning. She glanced to the other side of the bed, and frowned. Her husband, Shining Armor, wasn't there. Had he begun working already?

"I'm sure it's fine. He's probably just patrolling the castle." That excuse was as good as any to finally get out of bed. Cadance lowered herself to the floor. Immediately, a shiver went up her spine. Stupid cold crystal floors. She put on her slippers, and walked out of the bedroom... The first thing she noticed, was a piece of Shining's armor was sitting on the table. Well, he definitely wasn't working. So where was he? Cadance tapped her chin as she made herself some coffee. Wait... Shining hadn't even made any coffee? That meant he never went to bed last night!

She knew exactly what he was doing! Cadance tapped her hooves on the counter, waiting for the stupid coffee to come out. She couldn't believe he was even doing it here! Why couldn't he find something better to do with his time then that?

Cadance left the kitchen, and went to the closet. She levitated her crown onto her head, and replaced the slippers with shoes. Cadance would definitely have some words with Shining. She went back to the coffee machine, and poured herself a mug. Cadance walked straight out, coffee levitating in front of her. The crystal halls were almost empty. Only one guard stood watch. "Where is he?"



"U-Uh, the basement!" Cadance stomped past the guard, and made her way down the stairs. When she finally got to the basement, she yanked the door open.

"Shining, honey? I understand you want to play your little game, but don't make the other guards play D&D when they're supposed to be guarding the castle! Now get back to your posts!" She watched all of the guards run out of the room, a few even thanking her. Cadance waited till they were the last two in the room, and stepped over to him. She placed her hooves around his neck, smiling. "If you wanted to play D&D, all you had to do was ask." She kissed him, and levitated over the dice. "So, roll the dice, and we'll see how good you are at roleplaying..."

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"I need you to distract the Dalek! Try not to die!" -The Doctor
 Posted: Oct 9 2013, 12:29 PM
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(I've mentioned I would do this someday, and I finally will!)

Shining Armor

It was a rather lazy morning in the crystal castle, but the Prince couldn't afford to be lazy. His schedule today consisted of training the crystal guards from five A.M. to 5 P.M., and a meeting with the ambassadors from Mustangia directly after. The Crystal Prince, without a single word, marched his way through the hallways and stopped in the dining room to get a quick bite to eat. He saw that the servants had laid out a nice, extravagant meal for him, but there was no time to try crystalline foods he still wasn't completely used to. He just took an entire fresh pot of coffee with him, and made haste towards the barracks...Until something stopped him in his tracks.

Upon the table was a note, written in an all too familiar cutesy cursive font. He shouldn't have taken a swig of coffee while reading it, for the coffee just came back up in a spray from his mouth.

"Oh no!" Shining Armor gasped, thinking out loud. "It's our anniversary TODAY?!"

Topaz Glow, one of the butlers, entered the room just as Shining Armor had his meltdown.

"Why yes, sir," said Topaz. "That ever-so-special day comes once again! The mind boggles, how five years go by so quickly."

Shining Armor had no time for small talk. "Topaz!" he shouted, quickly placing his helmet upon the butler's head. "You're Shining Armor for the day!" The prince turned tail and ran, not even saying goodbye.


Shining Armor trotted out into the streets, trying his best to keep his cool while he fretted over what to get Cadance for an anniversary present. Most ponies who hounded him on the street got very simple replies such as:



"Sorry, married- Miss Peachbottom?" *sigh* "Oh, for the love of-"

After some awkward mingling with his subjects, Shining Armor found a Griffon Merchant peddling some bizarre device.

"Excuse me, sir," Shining Armor asked. "'re selling looks quite interesting. Just what is it?"

"It's ze Wonder Boner!" The Griffon announced proudly, using it to remove the bones from a fish.

"The Wonder Boner..." A smile, the smile of a stallion who had seen some dirty, dirty activities being performed, crawled up the prince's face. "My wife would like that."


After the distraction that Wonder Boner salesgriffon had provided, Shining Armor went back to business searching for a present for Cadance. Instead, he found a tent that sold games. He searched through a bookshelf, before finding a certain rulebook to a certain nostalgic game of his foalhood...

"By the twelve houses of Elvish Ponies..." Shining Armor whispered as he used his magic to lift the book and flip through it. He literally drooled as he read through the descriptions of new races, new rules, and new settings. He spent a good two hours reading the rulebook before putting it back. He only had so much money on him, though, so he'd have to buy the book another day. Cadance always came first...Euphemism intended.

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That's Right.

 Posted: Dec 3 2013, 02:27 PM
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The sun was rising on the wonderful property called Sweet Apple Acres and, with the rising sun, the ponies working them rose as well. One of those ponies was the bearer of the Element of Honesty. Apple harvest season was almost over and they had the South Field to harvest still, which Applejack was well aware of.

Getting to her hooves, the farmer grabbed her faithful Stetson and trotted out the door. Once out, she traveled to the restroom to start her daily routine. Finishing up quickly, she once again started to walk through the Apple Family home. Reaching the staircase, she sighed. At the moment, Applejack felt rather tired of the same routine over and over again. The orange mare felt like this was as good as it was going to get, but a part of her longed for something more. Something good for her family was all she wanted. A little money towards well-being never hurt.

With the end of Apple Harvest came the hard time. The part of the year where money was tight. Last year, they had been invited by the Princesses to put on the biggest play of Hearth's Warming Eve. This year, however, would have to be different. Applejack couldn't just up and leave the farm. She had responsibilities to the farm and her family. Apple Bloom had come along with her sister and watched, but Big Mac had been alone here in Sweet Apple Acres with Granny. Just like he would, Big Mac just said his signature "Eeyup" and went to work. The stallion, not once in her life, had ever complained. Being on the farm did that in her opinion. It made them both a little stubborn when it came to asking for help in addition to the fact that he never complained. On occasion, Applejack did complain. It was for a reason though that, at the time, seemed like a good reason to complain.

Yet, her elder brother reminded her time and time again that complaining didn't get things done. So with that thought, she walked down the stairs. Noticing that Big Mac was cooking, she licked her lips. Big Mac was the best cook, which made for a highly satisfied Applejack. Like Granny said often, Applejack had the appetite of a full grown stallion.

"Mornin' Big Mac," the orange mare chirped.

"Mornin'," Big Mac responded.

"After breakfast, we've got ta get the south field," she vocalized, "So, we got ta eat right quick."

"Eeyup," was the only response that she got from her brother at that moment. Within moments, he put the food out on the prepared table and the two went at the food. Scarfing it down, Applejack finished first and started to head out the door.

"Apple Bloom has cleanin' duty today right," she asked the red stallion.

"Eeyup," he answered.

Nodding, she found her way out into the open. The sun barely in the sky. Celestia's sunrise happened to be Applejack's favorite part of the day. It was quiet for the most part, except for the pounding that came from the two working ponies. For the moment, it was quiet. All that could be heard were the small chirps coming from the birds that had nested in the old oak beside the east side of the old barn. With an inhale of the fresh air, the mare greeted her job finally. She and Big Mac had a lot to do today, which meant no slacking off. Half of her wanted to ask her friends for help, but the stubborn half perished the thought. No way was she going to beg others for her. She wasn't that kind of pony.

Lining up with the first tree, she hit it with her hind legs. A bolt of energy shook the tree causing the apples to fall from their resting place. Most fell in the bucket below, but a few strayed to the side. She grabbed them by the stem and put them with the others. Doing that many more times, the mare swiped her brow and looked at the buckets she had harvested. There were only about six or seven, which wasn't a very good pace for her, but yesterday had tired her out. Once Apple harvest was over, she would relax. That was only a few days away, which calmed Applejack. It meant that other things had to be done as well. That was the one thing that Applejack wasn't looking forward too. Working in the snow and rain to get things done was one of those things that she found herself complaining about. Of course, the only one that heard her complaints was her brother. She didn't dare complain in front of her friends or other family members.

After a few more hours, only thirty trees had been completed by Applejack. She knew, however, that Big Mac was probably having better luck. Finishing up the last tree, she grabbed the mass of them in the bucket and hit a few with her hips, which made them roll right into the bucket. Right now, she wished that Apple Bloom had come out to the fields today. The little filly would have loved harvesting some apples, but somepony had to look over Granny while two were in the fields. It wasn't about to be somepony that wasn't in the family. Granny wouldn't allow it. So, it was up to one of the grandchildren to watch over their dear grandmother.

Snapping her from her thoughts was a voice calling out for her. Looking back at the farm, she noticed the yellow filly galloping towards her. Curious, the elder sister trotted over to met Apple Bloom.

"Applejack," the filly whined, "Ah'm suppose ta meet Sweetie Bell and Scootaloo. We're goin' crusadin'."

"Apple Bloom," the mare confronted the sweet filly, "Don'tcha think that Big Mac and me might need yer help. We can't exactly be in two places, sugarcube. Granny needs lookin' after and Ah know she ain't too pleased with others comin' ta help. Ah know that yer friend and ya look forward ta these meetings o' yers, but Ah gotta ask ya ta stay put for an hour."

"But Ah wanna go now," she whined accompanied with her signature puppy-dog eyes.

"AB," Applejack warned her, "Not right now. Later."

An angry Apple Bloom stomped towards the house with her head hung low to the ground, but suddenly perked back up. The red-maned filly jumped for the chance to have the Cutie Mark Crusaders meet inside the house. That way Granny would have one of her kin watching over, while the CMC still were able to hang out. Of course, the crusading would have to wait. Still, it seemed logical. Once she had told the older mare, the filly waited for a moment. She was eager to hear the word "yes" escape her sister's lips, which was exactly what happened. Applejack knew that it would bite her in the rump, but it wasn't like she could really tell Apple Bloom no.


The sun was setting as the two ponies finished in the fields. Applejack took one of the full wagons and carried them back towards the old barn. Big Mac, Granny, and Apple Bloom would be going through the apples from today's harvest, while Applejack went and got some chores done in town. To be honest, Applejack had a bigger day tomorrow. She had to help Pinkie, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Twilight tomorrow. That meant only a few hours for each and no break, except to walk there and walk to the next house. The orange mare was just glad that Rarity never wanted her to model or anything. That would be a nightmare for both ponies. Plus, Applejack wasn't as refined in her tastes. She had spent some time in Manehatten, which was another social elite city. Yet, she had never found it quite right....


Note: Sorry about this...I know that it is a lot, but I felt like I had to write a bit more. Show some interactions. Of course, it seems a bit out of character for Applejack...but that might just be me.

Again, sorry about the length.

 Posted: Dec 21 2013, 10:59 PM
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It's Miss Cheerilee!

Lesson #1: There is no such thing as a SILLY question, only SILLY PONIES who don't ask questions.

Cheerilee stood before the class, a smile upon her face as she gazed out upon the mostly attentive class - or at least the attentive unicorn filly who sat in the front of the room while the other ponies did sweet FA and waited for the clock to pass on. "Alright, ponies, it's time for us to answer your questions!" she chirped, the ponies' attention snapping back to the front of the class as she dug into a box, feeling around until her hoof grasped at a slip, the mare pulling it out and setting it upon the desk.

"why is the sky bleu during the day but black at night?" the paper read, the mare blinking once as she dug into her desk, pulling out a red pen and proofreading the question before continuing.

"An excellent question here today, class. Well..." she began, pulling out a large bag of chalk from her desk and taking out a light blue color, before standing up on her hindlegs as she began to rapidly run the chalk across the board, until the upper half was completely light blue, before taking out a yellow piece and drawing a circle, rapidly filling it in as the chalkdust stuck to her forehooves. "To understand this question, you have to understand that light is every color of the rainbow at once, at different wavelengths, and that it is all the colors at once that give the illusion of white light." she spoke, as she drew a number of lines across the board, her forehoof becoming caked with light blue dust as she leaned against it.

"Now, when the light enters the atmosphere, it collides with all the air particles, and that's what spreads the sunlight across the sky..." she explained, running the light yellow chalk all across the upper half as she went on, "...and that's why we see color in the entire sky during the day. Now, violet light is scattered the most..." she paused, setting down the yellow chalk and picking up the violet before lightly glazing over the mess of color, "...but our eyes are much more sensitive to blue, and that's how we get blue skies." she explained, stepping back to admire her work before taking an eraser in either forehoof and rearing up to erase it all, the dust flying everywhere as her hooves and underside acquired a light bluish tint.

"Now then," she began, drawing and filling in a crescent shape on the still-dusty board. "At night, the sky appears black because the sun's light isn't shining against the atmosphere, so there's no light being scattered." she explained, her tail swishing once as she stepped back. "Because the stars in the night sky are so much further away than our sun, they can't cover the sky, so we are left with an unfiltered view of the universe." she spoke, pausing for a moment before chuckling. "Though I wouldn't go so far as to call the sun a filter; Equestria, and the world for that matter, need day and night for stability; can you imagine an endless night, or an endless day, even?" she asked, smiling as she reached up, clearing the board before reaching into the box with a now multi-colored hoof. "Now then, next question..."

That's an apple tree.
 Posted: Feb 8 2014, 02:08 PM
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Flash Sentry

The sun rose slowly over the horizon, but a young male pegasi was already awake. Walking as quietly as he could down the hallway, he prepared for his duties of the day. Golden orange body and medium, almost dark, blue mane and tail was almost all one could see. His armor was gold with a blue blanket of sorts to signify his rank.

He wasn't as high as his commanding officer, Shining Armor, but the young stallion was very competent in his duties... it was how he had gotten as far as he did. However, things changed fairly recently. While it didn't affect his duties, the stallion had recently encountered a female that he found himself in awe of.

Princess Twilight Sparkle. It has a nice ring to it. The stallion thought with a smile before shaking his head clear.

Stop it, Flash Sentry. She has no reason to like you beyond a friend.

Flash Sentry continued to his post, watching the sun rise as he did so. He was new to Canterlot Castle, but he wasn't new to the Royal Guard. He had trained with other recruits and had quickly risen through the ranks. With Shining Armor currently away in the Crystal Empire, it was Flash Sentry's duty to fill his hooves while he was away.

Flash Sentry looked up to Shining Armor and had always admired him, even when he was a young colt. His marriage to Princess Cadence had been an exciting event, one where Flash had heard that Twilight figured that the first Cadence wasn't even the real one.

Persisting in the face of doubt. That is a good lesson one should learn.

It was no secret of Twilight's lessons in Ponyville, Princess Celestia had made it public knowledge, but Flash still felt unsure of Twilight. Not because he distrusted her. No it was the complete opposite. In face, Flash wanted to learn more about Twilight. She seemed like a wonderful pony and he was curious about her love for reading. He did read a bit, but not quite as much as her. Twilight intrigued him.

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