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Posted by: That Little Twerp Mar 27 2013, 05:06 PM
As of December 31st, 2013, In the event that more than one person has made a claim for a specific Canon Character in the, all players that have made a claim are required to post an audition for that character here within three days.

After the three day grace period expires, a poll will be held, and the votes counted the following day.

In the event one or more of the players that made a claim fails to post an audition within the three day grace period, they will forfeit their chance at a spot in the poll.

Should only one candidate bother to post an audition within the grace period, they win the right to play as the character by default.

Should no one that has made a claim bother to post an audition, the Canon Character will remain up for grabs, and can be claimed again.

All characters earned via the old method shall be grandfathered in, and remain under the ownership of the player that earned the right to play as them via the old method.

Posted by: Fizzy Mar 27 2013, 05:34 PM
Alright, I'm putting up my Luna audition. FOR GREAT MAGIC!

Luna fought back tears of laughter as she looked up, seeing an upside-down Queen Chrysalis standing on the ground at the base of the throne. Luna caught a breath in the midst of her laughter, and with a groan of visible effort she twisted her body, so that she was at least seeing things right-side up, even though it caused the muscles in her right flank down to her hoof to feel a very uncomfortable burn, as this was a position that was far from natural, by any stretch of the imagination. She looked up, noticing what Chrysalis was preparing for - but Luna wasn't going down without a fight.

The base of her horn glowed a blue similar to the color of a clear night sky on a full moon, stopping at the gel that had layered a good two-thirds of her horn. Luna clenched her teeth - she had recalled her sister's account on how being fully encapsulated in the gel made it impossible to do anything, and ever since the incident Luna could have sworn she'd seen the faintest tints of green in Celestia's violet hues, but she'd always dismissed these thoughts. As she focused, the faintest traces of sweat began to form on her brow as the magic slowly flowed up her horn, her mane speeding up. The tickling - it wasn't helping any, and seeing as she was this close she wasn't going to get another chance. Biting down hard on the inside of her mouth to allow the pain to set her mind off the myriad of legs feeling her wings, back, chest, legs, neck, and most importantly her flank, her body tensed up, and the magic pushed itself to the tip of her horn, her body fading into an ethereal mist just as the stream of green webbing hit where her physical form had been.

Quickly the mist drifted out of the throne room, the dark blue miasma flying into Luna's personal chambers before reforming into the form of the Lunar princess as she landed on the bed, laughing still as she tried to catch her breath, wiping the tears from her eyes as she rolled onto her hooves. She picked herself up - then her legs immediately gave way as the weight of the magical effort she had put forth in defying the Queen pressed down on her all at once. She gave a pained whimper, and her body began to shine a brilliant shade of white as the lunar princess's form changed.

Immediately Luna knew what had happened, and a quick glance into her mirror confirmed it. She was now only slightly bigger than the average pony, and her mane was mundane, a light blue. Her body was no longer midnight blue, but had lightened to a blue color similar to that of the magic aura she was familiar with. Luna remembered this form quite well - it was the form she had taken the last time her strength had been ripped from her, back when she had become Nightmare Moon.

She closed her eyes, willing the magic to flow, but a massive headache stopped her. Okay, magic was out, and in the short time the millipede/changeling had its body wrapped around her, her wings felt funny, and the memory of the violent tickling she had received made her reluctant to spread her wings and expose her sides, even if nopony was around. So flying was out of the question. Could she alert anypony? She could, but with Canterlot's security compromised, Luna found herself becoming understandably paranoid. Anypony she met could be a changeling.

So what could she do?

Her eyes drifted to a journal - her journal, and a thought struck her. Warn somepony, she realized, though she doubted anyone would think to look into a princess's private diary to find details of a kidnapping. But the book was there, a quill was there, and Luna was running out of time. Frowning as she looked at the phoenix feather quill after her little ordeal, she took it in her mouth, using her hooves to turn to the last page.


If anypony - or anyone - is reading this, Equestria has been invaded by the changelings once again. Queen Chrysalis has returned, seeking revenge for her failure years ago, and my regret is that I had failed to see her coming. My personal guard has been compromised, and I fear the same for my sister's. I pray that I may be able to dispose of this entry myself, but I am running out of time. If anyone is reading this -despite the cover up story that will no doubt explain our absence, I, Princess Luna, hereby decree a State of Emergency to all of Equestria.

If anypony is reading this entry, find the bearers of the Elements of Harmony. We cannot allow our beautiful home to fall once more.

Setting her quill down and closing the book, she turned her head toward the rack of cloaks. If Chrysalis had come this far, then there was no doubt she was aware of her limited ability to change form, and besides she needed something to cover up such obvious reveals such as her wings or her cutiemark. Taking a familiar dark brown cloak, she placed it about her, securing the neckpiece before walking out of her chambers down the long, spiraling... one-way... stairwell... out of her room.

Note to self. she thought, a feeling of dread settling in the pit of her stomach as she imagined what lay at the bottom. Have an emergency plan for escaping towers that doesn't involve flight. Her magic had left her, she couldn't use her wings in this disguise, and running or fighting would only get her so far against a countless supply of changelings. In other words, she was a goddess, and she was running scared; inside her own castle, no less! "Daira c'est..." she murmured, shaking her head as she opened the tower entrance's archway.

Posted by: JM95 Mar 28 2013, 03:27 AM
Big Macintosh:

Y'know, Ah don't think Ah've ever been so excited to get a break from farm work in mah life. You might find that preposterous; after all, Ah am that stallion who can drag a house 'cross town and buck all the apples off a tree with a single tap of a hind hoof. That's right, Ah'm Big Macintosh, the farmpony who says little 'sides 'Eeyup' and 'Nope'. Contrary to popular belief, Ah can say way more than just those two little words. It's just that Ah'm the quiet type, and bein' as cripplin'ly shy as Ah am (Ah could make AJ's little friend there look outgoin'), Ah just don't tend to say that much 'round too many other ponies.

Anyway, enough 'bout mahself, 'cause you're prob'ly wonderin' why Ah'm so excited to get a little break from buckin' the apple trees. "What's got you so happy 'bout gettin' off work, Big Mac?" you might say. "Ah thought you love selling apples and apple accessories." Ah do. But y'see, lately Ah've been offerin' to pick Apple Bloom up from school. You remember her teacher? Miss Cheerilee? The mare AB and her friends set me up with usin' a Love Poison? Well, Ah think Ah-

"MACKY!" Pinkie Pie ran up to me on mah way into Ponyville and gave me a hug outta nowhere! If Ah wasn't Big Macintosh, Ah woulda screamed like a little filly. "You really come by a lot, lately! *GAAAAASP!* Are you finally coming out of your shell? Does that mean we'll get to be BAKING BUDDIES?"

"Uh...Maybe?" Ah replied. "Ah was actually on mah way to-"


It's always bakin', sugar, and parties with her. "Nope."

"Oooohhhh, I know what you're doing..." The face she made, that all-knowin' face, made me feel real uncomfortable. "School lets out in a couple minutes! I bet you're off to gawk at Miss Cheerilee! Your lovey-dovey love for her is the worst kept secret in town! Well, I had a hard time keeping the secret..."

"Now Pinkie, if you don't mind, Ah got a teacher to gawk at," Ah replied, givin' the sugar rush in pony form a wink as Ah walked away. Butterflies flew 'round in mah stomach as Ah got closer and closer to the school. If you ain't figgered it out, yet, yes, Ah do have a bit of a crush on Miss Cheerilee. She's the nicest, most awesome mare Ah've ever met, not to mention she's rather cute. Yeah, that incident with the Love Poison prob'ly ruined mah chances with her, but Ah dunno...We have gone out for a couple picnics as friends, and Ah think she might like me, too...

Ah finally made it to the schoolhouse, but by then, Ah was a sweaty, shakin' wreck. Apple Bloom was standin' out there, all ready to go with her backpack and stuff. Miss Cheerilee greeted me at the door.

"Hello, Big Macintosh!" she said. "...Are you okay? You seem a bit flustered over something."

"Eeyup...Just a hard day's work at the farm..."


Posted by: shinska Apr 7 2013, 02:15 AM
Trying for Rarity

A flash of white darted here and there. Purple mane was frazzled. All around the shop were discarded ribbons, gems, and dress materials. All the while things were being thrown about, as if the white unicorn was trying to find something.

"Oh Opalesence. Where did I put those scissors? Without them I simply cannot get these dresses done in time. Fancy Pants has asked for them to be done three days from now! This is possibly THE. WORST. POSSIBLE. THING!"

Rarity magically made her couch come to her and she collapsed on it. Suddenly something sparkled from the corner of her eye. "Oh there they are." She put away her couch and then picked up the scissors. With a sigh she put them down near Opal and said, "Opal keep an eye on these won't you?"

The white unicorn then began putting everything back where it belonged, mannequins were set upright, and unusable bits of cloth were set to the side to be thrown out. Turning back to her cat, the white unicorn then picked up her scissors once more as well as two different colors of purple cloth material. Rarity hummed as she snipped and sewed and tucked the dresses.

As she did this, her thoughts went back to when she was making Fluttershy's dress... Fluttershy... now where in all things Equestria did that Pegasus learn dress making skill? Rarity still shuddered every time Fluttershy correctly named what it was Rarity did wrong. Her uncanny sense of fashion was almost as high as Rarity's.

The sun soon began to set and Rarity finally put the scissors and sewing items down. Right then Pinkie Pie slammed in.

"Rarity! Did you forget the sleep over tonight? Oooooo are you making dresses? Who are they for? Pretty! What's this?"

Rarity flinched. Out of all her friends, Rarity was most cautious around Pinkie Pie. The pink earth pony was always excitable and tended to cause accidents. "Pinkie you simply must settle down. No I did NOT forget the sleepover, but you barging in here isn't going to make me get there any fast--"

"Come on! Twilight's waiting! Let's go!" Pinkie Pie began shoving Rarity out the door.

"Pinkie! I haven't even closed up my boutique or gotten my things. I can't very well have this sleepover without my things! Be a dear and head to Twilight's without me. I'll catch up soon."

Pinkie bounced up and down excitedly, "Okay!" Then was gone.

With a sigh of relief, Rarity returned to her little dress shop and put everything back where it belonged, and dressed on the mannequins before she headed upstairs to gather her things for the sleepover. Who could imagine it had been five years to the day since Twilight had come to Ponyville? Rarity was thought Twilight, Applejack, and Fluttershy were the other parts of Rarity's soul. Reason for that was they thought before acted. Rainbow was better than Pinkie, but in the the end Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie were just too excitable and reckless to think things clearly.

Soon Rarity found herself outside the library and with a huge sigh of happiness she entered and prepared herself for a night of fun with her friends.

Posted by: shinska Apr 7 2013, 02:42 PM
Trying for Luna too

Luna paced back and forth. Where was her messenger? She needed to send a message to her sister. Luna had been given the chance to represent Canterlot with the royalty of Saddle Arabia. They were this year's host for the Equestria Games and already there was an incident. As Princess, Luna was required to handle it, but the royalty personally requested Celestia. No matter what Luna did, no pony truly ever forgave her for being Nightmare Moon.

Only six ponies did and they weren't here. A knock on the door, "Enter!" It was her messenger. "You have arrived. What has kept you? We called for you an hour ago!"

The messenger cowered underneath the dark blue alicorn mare's stare. "I-I'm sorry Your Majesty. There was a hold up outside."

"We do not want your excuses!"

As soon as Luna said those words she regretted them. Waving a hoof she indicated the messenger to begin. "My dear sister. A pony was killed today. The killer is as yet unknown. However, the royalty of Saddle Arabia have requested you personally to come and set things right, but sister... I regret that I feel this might not be the best idea. Already four royalty are here, myself, the king and queen of Saddle Arabia, and Princess Cadence. I feel it might be deeper than just killing a simple pony. What should I do in this instance dear sister?



With another wave of her hoof, the messenger raced away to have the message delivered. Luna turned and stared out of the room she had been provided. Would the message reach her sister in time? It was a simple matter of finding out who the murderer was, but if it went deeper and was a ploy to kill all the royals at once, Luna wanted to warn her sister and get advice. It had been a little over five years since Luna had been Nightmare Moon and in this instance she sort of wished she were her again.

Pacing around she thought of what to do. After fifteen minutes she stopped. Wait. Nightmare Moon was her darker half. Even if Luna had returned to her normal self... Nightmare Moon would always be there, but the thing about it was, she would need to keep a control of herself. She had been Nightmare Moon because she had been angry and jealous, but... now she was the sweet and caring alicorn she once was.

Taking a deep breath, Luna closed her eyes and focused her magic. Several heartbeats later she opened her eyes and looked in the mirror. Nightmare Moon was staring back. With a wild grin the young mare flew out of her room and to just outside the king and queen's room. She knocked and explained what she did and they let her in. They had heard rumors of Luna becoming Nightmare Moon and here she was again, but this time was different. She had control and she wasn't jealous.

"I have sent word to my sister, but until she either arrives or hear back from her, you have myself and Princess Cadence to handle things. As you can see I controlled my magic to transform into Nightmare Moon. Many ponies are scared of her and don't DARE to come near her. I can use this to my advantage."

The kind and queen nodded and gave their consent. Luna, terrified, turned and rushed away from the castle to set her plan in motion. She did not see the messenger return and leave Celestia's reply on her desk. Luna had other plans.

Posted by: JM95 Apr 7 2013, 04:40 PM
Princess Luna:

Princess Luna tapped her hoof on the meeting table three times. "This meeting of the powers of Gaia shall come to order! Our dear sister isn't feeling well today, so we shall be representing Equestria in today's summit. We shall begin with a roll call starting with the honorable Emperor of Neighpon."

"Shuukaku Shikataro, Emperor of Neighpon," said a very deer-like kirin sitting next to Luna. Luna knew these leaders not just by name, but by their dreams. The Emperor was a bit eccentric...His dreams often involved hosting bizarre game shows...and farting contests. Such strange dreams coming from a kirin whose culture emphasized politeness.

"Don Balthasar Juan Carlos Flamenco de los Puertos de Marelaga, representing the Kingdom of Castallion and Mareagon," said a tall, olive-toned, meticulously dressed stallion. Balthasar dreamed of sailing the seas in a trading galley. His nightmares were often about shipwrecks, or even worse, pirates.


"Honhonhon, my dear lady! Eet ees I, Griffoire, ze King of Gryphos, at your service!" Nearly all of Griffoire's dreams were about war. Conquering, slaughtering, and...Whipping up the most delicious Prench cuisine?

Some other leaders introduced themselves until the circle went back around to Luna. " 'Tis a pleasure for us to be working with all of you today. It appears that today's matter to be discussed is a border dispute between Toros and Gryphos. Who would like to share their story first?"

Griffoire began with his side of the story. "Most honorable Princess, zhere has been an eencrease in cow settlement headeeng eento ze western border of my kingdom, and zhere has been no treaty or permission granted for ze bovines to settle zhere. Zhey are not armed, but zhey are still invadeeng Gryphos because of ze aforementioned lack of permission."

"Your rebuttal, Representative Will?"

Iron Will stood up and flexed his muscles. "The population of Toros has been growing rapidly, and we're running out of room for our bovines. We're desperate to feed ourselves, so we've been forced to seek greener pastures. These settlers mean no harm and only wish for a place to live a better life, your majesty, and should you remove them by force, Toros will have no choice but to cut off our cheese exports to Gryphos."

"You wouldn't dare!" Snarled Griffoire. He and his kingdom were big fans of fine Toros cheeses, and if trade was cut off, he'd be thoroughly pissed.


"YOU WANT TO TAKE ZHIS OUTSIDE?" The Griffon King shrieked. The room descended into chaos as the foreign representatives began squabbling amongst themselves, taking sides with either Iron Will or Griffoire. Some were even placing bets on which country, Toros or Gryphos, would win should the two go to war. This wasn't how the summits hosted by her big sister went. Celestia had an aura of authority that everypony in the world respected. Luna, having less experience in leadership due to her imprisonment in the moon, had no idea what to do as the arguments broke out. "Please, I beg you to stop fighting!" she said meekly, but nobody listened to her.

What would my sister do.... Thought Luna. Argh! She wouldn't do anything! She has these foals wrapped around her hoof! Here goes nothing...


Terrified beyond belief, the representatives went silent and returned to their seats in seconds. Luna had luckily broken up the argument, but she couldn't help but feel she had taken the wrong approach in doing so. Celestia could always handle these meetings calmly and without much difficulty...But Luna needed to scare them into finally listening to her. The Princess of the Night loathed scaring people. After all, it reminded ponies of her reign as Nightmare Moon, and Luna wanted to do anything she could to prevent herself from being associated with that monster. She had been getting better about it, but this most recent outburst could put her back at square one in earning ponies' trusts. She needed to learn how to deal with intense, stressful situations better, but where would she begin?

Posted by: Tuxedo Thunder Apr 7 2013, 05:02 PM
Luna Audition

Luna paced in front of the throne. Three weeks, it had been THREE WEEKS since her sister had gone off to Toros on "Important Business". Sure, she kept up her job, and raised the sun from there, but... it was different. It wasn't right. She missed her sister. She was gone for 1,000 years, and when she got back, she barely saw her at all.

It was getting worse. The loneliness was getting harder to bare. She had to keep herself together, or Equestria would fall into disarray. That was it! That's why she was gone! She's testing me. Just as Starswirl's unfinished masterpiece of Twilight Sparkle's test. She just had to keep Equestria together, and Celestia would return soon.

But things weren't going well. It was almost time for her nightly court, and she needed to asses her subjects. She needed to keep everything going along a steady, orderly, path.

Several hours past, and Luna brought up the moon, as she always did, and prepared for her nightly court. Her guardsmen stood at the door, and asked of each pony who approached their business. A group of astrologers came about first. "Princess Luna, we wish to acclaim you on your work with the night skies. We examined them recently, and saw that all the stars shined brighter than they did when Celestia did the skies. Whatever you've been doing, please, keep with it." Luna was surprised. Normally, ponies came to her court with worried questions about her sister or Discord. It was nice to have a peaceful complement once and awhile. "Thank you. I have been putting extra effort into my night skies, because, to be honest, I want to impress my dear sister. She has been gone for so long in Toros, I just want her to know that I am working my hardest to keep Equestria in ship shape."

Another pony came in. A meek, worried looking little green pegasus. "P-Princess Luna? I wanted to ask you a q-question about Discord." Ugh, here we go again. Always with the worries about Discord. On behalf of the royalty of Equestria, I can assure you Discord is not going to-" The pegasus interrupted her. "Um, actually, I was wondering if he would ever come and visit some of the Equestrian Cities. Me and my friends are really interesting in the history of the Discordian era, and we wanted to learn more about it from him." A hint of anger sparked up, but then melted away. This was an unconventional question, asking if Discord would be... touring Equestria. Still, this was her court, and she needed to keep her subjects happy enough."I heard that Discord might be getting ready to tour Equestria very soon, my little pony. And I'll make sure he can visit you and your friends as soon as possible." She said sweet and tenderly. She had seen this little pegsai's dreams, and knew why he really wanted to meet discord. He had dreamed of fighting for Celestia and herself in the Discordian War, and he always fought valiantly.

Luna looked out a window, seeing that it was almost daytime. She needed to get take a quick nap, before preparing for Celestia's daytime duties, which were her's until she got back.

Posted by: MyLittlePonyTales Apr 10 2013, 04:50 AM
I'm sorry, I couldn't decide on which piece to use. The variety (or possible lack thereof) should give you an idea of how I would play the character.

Princess Luna

Sample 1
Princess Luna gracefully walked through the private gardens located behind Canterlot Castle one evening. Of course, the public gardens were much larger, and far more elegant. But this private garden was only open to a select few—the gardeners who up-kept it, and the guards who watched over it. But even the guards only watched the entry way, not even so much as entering the garden when either of the princesses did. The garden offered a place of quiet reflection, a time away from everypony else. Not many knew of the existence of the garden at all, so it was safe from intrusion from most of the castle staff, or any visitors.

The princess took in a deep breath, absorbing the sweets scents and clean air all around her. It was hard to believe that she'd been back in Equestria for twenty years now. The garden, and indeed even the castle, had not exist a thousand years ago. But now she knew the garden like the back of her hoof... Yes, she certainly had spent a lot of time here. She knew the name of every plant, every time a new flower began to bud, she was aware of it. Luna was even responsible for planting some of the night time plant life, after her return.

Walking in the garden reminded Luna of her imprisonment on the moon. Things were lonely, but not as quiet. It was a place to be alone without truly being alone. Celestia was nearby in the castle, and there were all sorts of animals in the garden. Animals were the only ones that could find their way here, either being small enough to dig under the wall, or those that flew came upon it by chance.

Yet, as Luna continued through the garden, she reached the back wall. The end of the garden. It reminded her of the first year or two she was back in Equestria. At first, everypony had avoided her, even the guards. She could easily leave her chambers and walk about the castle, without a single one acknowledging her existence. Had it been Celestia, there would have been no less than two guards in tow at all times.

But she was glad that times had changed. After her first Nightmare Night in Ponyville, the public began to warm up to her. Although she had to work to create a reputation for herself as the princess of the night, the ponies of Equestria were surprisingly quick to accept a second ruler.

It was amazing how many ponies Luna had met that had the word “moon”, or “night” or “star” or “dark”, or other such words relating to the nighttime sky, in their name. And the Cutie Marks were surprising as well. A thousand years ago, the night was a time for sleeping. There was no stargazing, or star mapping, no late night cafes or clubs. But that had all changed in her absence.

Luna was glad for the acceptance and forgiveness of her subjects. Since her return, she had spent much of the time reading countless historic tomes, as well as studying maps of the land. Readjusting to society was just one of the many trials Luna had had to overcome. But in the end, it had all been worth it.

The princess looked up, as something in the night made a sound. She smiled at one of her bat friends, who had probably just woken up to begin his nightly hunting regimen. Noticing the princess, however, he swooped down and landed clumsily on her shoulder. She nuzzled him lightly, and then continued her tour.

She was grateful for the company of the animals in this garden. After all, they had been some of her first friends—although all of the ones she had known upon her first reappearance back in Equestria had passed by now. Still, their kin lived on after them, and Luna had lived to see and care for many of their children, and their children's children. Yes, even if all of Equestria abandoned her, she would still have this place, and its comfort was enough to keep her going.

Sample 2
Princess Luna walked gracefully through the empty streets of Canterlot, making her way to a favorite nighttime getaway. Whether or not she had control of the moon, she probably would have still chosen to be a 'night owl'. There were very few, if any, ponies out and about this time of the night.

She carried with her a couple of saddlebags, filled with snacks and treats, and a couple of star maps, among other things. Not that the star maps were at all necessary. Though much of Equestria had changed, both in landscape and technological advances, the night sky had remained the same.

Luna could hear the loud chirping of crickets, uninterrupted by anypony. There were quite a few wonders to the night that it seemed most ponies missed or didn't care for. The tranquil quiet, the shimmering stars... even the bright moon.

She let out a small sigh as she made her way up the steps of the observatory. There was never anypony here this late, ever. Everypony went home to be with loved ones... and to sleep. How could they sleep at a time like this? But things had always been that way, Luna knew.

Though she often took time to examine things through the large telescope the observatory was famous for, more often than not she preferred to spend nights on the highest balcony of the tower, where she could observe the full sky, as well as the whole of Canterlot. But she had to go through the chamber which housed the telescope.

Normally she wouldn't have paid any mind if it wasn't her destination, but somepony was still using it. What would anypony be doing here at this hour? Luna thought to herself. “Excuse me, miss,” Luna began politely, “Isn't it a bit late? You should probably head home. I can call a guard to escort you, if you wish.

Sample 3
Everything was set. Luna had decided to throw a late night garden party in the public gardens of Canterlot Castle. She hoped it would be a way for her to get to know some of the ponies of Canterlot—but she really had no idea if anypony would show up.

For the first several months since her return, she'd left Canterlot Castle very little. She was busy learning to speak—well, normally. She'd been studying maps, catching up on history, reading about current events... She just wanted to do her best to fit in and not appear to be a complete dunce.

This was her chance. That was, provided anypony showed up. She'd spent a good part of the evening before the sun even set primping herself, not to mention the time she spent decorating. Celestia couldn't come, of course—she had to sleep.

But there were cakes and treats and streamers and lighted lanterns. Celestia had made the announcement a few days prior, and there had been flyers around Canterlot for half a week. Luna really thought it was all too much advertisement, but Celestia had done it all without even asking her consent. She appreciated the sentiment... but it meant that she would be just that much more disappointed if nopony showed.

Her night guard was at the entrance, more just for show than protection. There weren't a whole lot of threats against Equestria. If there were, the guards generally weren't of much use anyway. Luna sighed, sitting down at the head of the table. She fiddled with her hooves, clacking them together while she waited.

Princess Luna sighed. This was silly and ridiculous. Every normal pony would be inside, tucking their foals into bed while the crickets chirped outside. Speaking of which... her ear twitched just a moment at a tell-tale click, and she held out her hoof just as bug leapt into the air, startled by a rustle in the grass or some smaller insect. The click had just been the snap of the legs as he jumped. She moved her hoof right before her face, smiling at the cricket as she stared into his eyes.

Just then, she heard the clink of the guards' armor as they made way for the first guest. But, as she turned, the cricket saw fit to hop away, off to make more music of the night.

"Hello, your majesty. You've done a wonderful job with the sky tonight." The stallion said.

She nodded her head in greeting at, “your majesty.” However, to the compliment she replied, “Not any different from any other night. But thank you.” Though she smiled politely.

This was untrue, of course. She may have made the stars—and the moon—just a tad bit brighter in honor of the event. But she could tell the comment had no weight; he was simply stating what half the ponies here would upon seeing her. That was, if anypony else showed—

Make that anything. Her smile faded, her expression going serious as she stared. It wasn't at the multitude of guests that had suddenly seemed to arrive. Just at one particular pink and yellow form.

Dragons in any part of Equestria were uncommon, though babies could frequently be found as apprentices and the like. But she'd never expected one to show up here. Luna had always been intrigued by Dragons—their fluid movements, the ability of some to fly silently despite their size, and how they could differ so much in size, shape, and color. She could find a friend in one for a great many years, though they themselves were not usually immortal.

But this one was different. She couldn't recall ever seeing a Dragon in full on clothing. Sure, one might wear a tie or a few pieces of jewelry, but most found clothing quite constricting. It just weighed one down, was the complaint, plus it always seemed to get in the way of the wings.

This seemed to be confirmed by the awkward dress this Dragon was wearing. It was certainly ill-fitted, perhaps to allow for more 'breathing room', but it was far too long altogether. There were so many things that could have been done right—Luna stopped herself. Everypony had their own taste, and she shouldn't be one to judge. Sure, she was a princess, and everything always had to be perfect for her to retain her public image... But she wasn't the one wearing the dress, and if the Dragon wanted to, she certainly had the right.

At some point in the night, she'd have to tear herself away from the other guests and be sure she greeted the reptilian creature.

Sample 4
Awhile later, Luna was prepared to settle down for the night. She'd managed to reverse her sleeping schedule, seeing as she was taking over for Celestia, but she still felt out of sorts sleeping through the night. It was just one other thing that aided in her loss of sleep.

But tonight, she had one focus. It was a relief compared to the other work she could be doing. Caring for Carapace the Changeling would be easy in comparison. She seemed to hate Changelings, which was an indicator that what Dream Reaper said was correct. Or it was some spell of Discord's that had been placed on a perfectly fine Changeling to make them think they were really a pony when they weren't. It was hard to tell with his ways.

Although tracking her down posed a worrying problem. She wasn't in the sick bay, nor in the kitchen or dining hall or Luna's personal chambers, nor Celestia's (though Luna couldn't imagine why she'd be there anyway), not in the garden, the lounge, the throne room... it was like she'd never arrived.

Luna wasn't overly familiar with most of the guards, but in the past weeks she'd had to change that. With a little investigation, it didn't take long to find out where Carapace was. Nopony would dare lie to a princess... especially one with a reputation like Luna's.

She raced down to the lower levels of the castle, to the damp and dark dungeons that were reserved for only the worst offenders, and prisoners of war. It hadn't been much used in recent years, due to Equestria favoring peace over war. Plus, with the kill order on Changelings, they weren't really taking any prisoners.

She saw the guards before she saw the Changeling. “WHERE IS SHE?!” Luna rarely used her Royal voice anymore, but when she did, everypony knew she meant business. Serious business. Her powerful voice echoed in the underground chamber, shaking loose bits of dirt and rubble.

One of the guards, his ears pinned against his head in fright like the others, managed to point to the chamber to Luna's right. She turned her head, her horn brightening the otherwise dim cell. She gasped in shock, her hoof flying up to cover her now open mouth. There laid a bruised, broken, and bloody Carapace, and there stood a shocked and silent Luna.

“YOU!” she snarled, her demeanor changing in an instant as she whirled toward the guards. Her shoulders hunched and her head lowered so her horn was level with them. Her horn glowed brilliantly, which was a match for her now glowing eyes. She could disintegrate them in a second, or teleport them deep under the ocean to drown, or conjure a few dozen insects to slowly eat their flesh, or—

Or she could handle the situation calmly and rationally. She could be the bigger mare here and do the right thing.

With one swift motion, the door to the adjacent cell opened and the guards were tossed against the back wall. “I'll deal with you later.” she said with gritted teeth, slamming the door so hard it nearly came off its hinges.

Much more gently, she opened the door to Carapace's cell. Luna may not have been fond of Changelings, but this one was innocent as far as she had seen. And perhaps seeing on down here, where she'd first given one of them a chance many years ago... struck a cord within her. She swallowed, trying to figure out what she could do that could possible make it up to Carapace. She was in charge, and therefore had to take the heat for anypony that broke the treaty. She should have never let Carapace leave her sight.

The guards... they were still used to the old ways. Canterlot had been the first invaded in the original attack. Everypony else had the chance to leave the city and try life elsewhere, but she hadn't considered that being a royal guard was a job that couldn't be found in another city. It wasn't as easy as taking their trade or talent somewhere else. She was now even more glad that she hadn't acted rashly against them. Even if they hadn't treated this one with the kindness and respect she deserved, perhaps they themselves still had families to return to. It wouldn't be fair to them to dispose of the offenders so readily.

“I—I'm sorry.” Luna stood over her, but she couldn't meet her eyes. She couldn't even look at her mangled body. This was all her fault.

Posted by: Tuxedo Thunder Apr 11 2013, 01:43 PM
Going out for Celestia

Celestia sat in her throne. There was nothing going on, nothing out of the ordinary was happening, and she was bored! She thought of things she could do. 'I'll go get Luna and- no, she needs her rest to stay up all night.' There's one idea shot down. What else was there in the vast land of Equestria for her to do? ' Hmm... I wonder what Twilight is up to. Oh, I shouldn't bother her, she must be busy with whatever lesson she's learning today.' Celestia sat there, with quite a large amount of discontent. She was the best pony, an example of utter perfection, and she hated it.

Celestia got up the nerve to wake Luna, even though she knew it was in her best interest to let her sleep. She was the only one who would understand. "Sister? Sister! I need you for something!" The tired Alicorn pushed open the door with her head, it was too early for her to be using magic. "Yes sister? What is it? Is there something wrong?" Celestia looked deeply at Luna. "Luna, I need to go out into the world, but I need a disguise. I know you need to rest, but I can't take it anymore! The absolute boredom I have sitting here all day with nothing going on!" Luna brought a hoof up to her face, and sighed. "If you really need to go out and see the life of a real pony, go right ahead. I can try to help you, but your going to have to listen to me if you want to keep your identity a secret."

Hours past, and Luna worked vigorously to get Celestia ready to appear like a normal pony. "Now, remember, you can't go flying around while using your magic. Pick one, or the other and stick with it. I would suggest you act the part of a Unicorn since... well, you know." Luna motioned to Celestia's giant horn. They both giggled at the idea of even trying to conceal it. "If it's to much for you, I could go and try asking Discord if he could hel-" Luna cut her off with a brisk shout "No! If you gave him the opportunity to remove your godly powers, nothing could stand in his way. Reformed or not, he would take the chance if he got it." Celestia frowned. "Your right. I should know better. My wisdom seems almost fading, but your in peak condition." Celestia didn't want to admit it, but she envied Luna. No ponies constantly adored her, or constantly came to her with all of their problems. 'No, I can't think like that. Luna looks up to me, as her big sister. I can't turn the tables on her, and I can't hate her for having a better life than I.'

They sat there for a moment, slightly awkward. "S-Sister... I've seen your dreams. I know that you look up to me, and you envy my life. And I know you don't want to admit it. I just want you to know, you were born for this. No matter what you think, you have an innate ability to lead these ponies through the day, as I do through the night. You can never give that up, or the world would fall back into chaos." Celestia looked shocked, then she frowned, a tear going down her face. "I know sister, I know...

Posted by: JM95 Apr 11 2013, 03:07 PM
Princess Celestia:

Over the course of over a thousand years, Princess Celestia had seen it all. She had witnessed the rise of many great heroes, could fondly remember all the lessons she had learned from her past and present students, and had the pleasure of experiencing what each new generation had to offer Equestria as the years went on. She had also fought off countless invaders and threats to Equestria's stability, lived through many periods chaos and turmoil, and had even felt the horror and pain of her own sister turning against her back when Luna was having her little angsty period as Nightmare Moon. Lately, though, things in Canterlot had been rather normal and peaceful. Ever since Twilight Sparkle, her most faithful student, had earned the title of Princess, Celestia was astounded to see how many more ponies were beginning to take Twilight's findings to heart. Friendship's influence over the country was more powerful than it had ever been, and the Princess of the Sun couldn't be any prouder.

But today, marveling at how great her nation had become would be pushed aside in favor of something the Princess hadn't had in days: A good piece of cake. Princess Celestia loved her sweets, but it seemed that lately, the Royal Kitchens weren't serving them. Princess Celestia, as she sat in her chamber and filed paperwork, eagerly awaited her dessert, which she had managed to get a good deal on earlier today...

Earlier that day...

"Pssst! Pinkie!" came a voice from one of the ovens in Sugarcube Corner.

The pink party pony bounced over to the oven and opened it up. "WOWIE ZOWIE! THE OVEN'S TALKING! Oh, it's just Princess Celestia. PRINCESS CELESTIA! OHMYGOSH! WHAT ARE YOU- MGFFFHMGGHFFFF...."

Princess Celestia put a hoof over Pinkie's mouth and shushed her. "Indeed, I have come to see you, Pinkie Pie. I have a little favor I ask of you, but we must discuss it quietly."

"Ooh, a favor! What is it? Tellmetellmetellme!"

"It appears that the kitchens in Canterlot are cutting down on the amount of cake they've been baking, lately. I haven't had a single piece of cake in a few days, now, and I was wondering..."

"If you want cake, I can get you some for...I dunno...Twenty bits. Pinkie's always got the best deals when it comes to cake smuggling!"

"Excellent. I'll be expecting you in my chamber at around seven o'clock tonight. I can't thank you enough!"

Back to the present time...

Princess Celestia's excitement peaked as she heard the clock strike seven. Any minute now, Pinkie would be arriving with that moist, delicious cake from Sugarcube Corner. Any type of cake would be good for the Princess, but she secretly hoped that it would be that delicious one with the marzipan frosting. She could just taste it now...

The door swung open, but Pinkie, who was wearing a catsuit for some reason, was cuffed and accompanied by two guards who restrained her. A royal advisor weaved around them and personally approached the Princess.

"Your Majesty," he said, bowing low to the floor. "We've found a mysterious intruder trying to smuggle a cake into the castle during a time where doing so is punishable! You didn't have anything to do with this, do you? After all, you did say you were going on a diet..."

"A diet?" Princess Celestia asked, tilting her head in confusion. "I don't believe I mentioned anything of the sort."

"But you did! You said so, right after you took your daily bath last week!"

Princess Celestia tried to remember what she had said after taking her bath last week...

Last Week...

Princess Celestia had just finished her bath and was now dressed in a bathrobe and had a towel wrapped around her mane. Figuring that she should check her weight, she stepped onto the scale.

"A pound more than yesterday? It appears the cake I've been eating lately is starting to catch up to me...Perhaps I should go on a diet and get a bit more exercise."

Back to the Present...

"Oh, you were mistaken. I said, 'Perhaps I should go on a diet,' I wasn't saying I was going to follow through with that."

"But we even signed you up for an exercise program and everything," said the advisor. "Your nephew-in-law, Shining Armor, even volunteered to coach you, and Iron Will and Snowflake expressed interest in helping, as well!"

"No, Shining Armor should be co-ruling the Crystal Empire, and Iron Will and Snowflake can weight-train with a pony who needs it more."

"But Shining Armor said that Cadence would be fine-"

"-I don't have a need to go on a full-blown diet at the moment. What I do need is an advisor who doesn't take me so seriously and a good piece of cake!"

Pinkie held out the plate with the cake on it, and Celestia levitated it over to herself. The Princess cut a piece of cake for the advisor, levitated it over to him, and had him escorted out of her chamber by the two guards who had brought Pinkie in, putting on her best. Pinkie herself bounced close behind.

Celestia shut the door and went back to her much-awaited cake. It had marzipan frosting and lasted about four seconds. She chuckled to herself as she thought about the terror-stricken look on the advisor's face as he left the room. She had no hard feelings towards the advisor, and he would most definitely be keeping his job. Princess Celestia hadn't had an opportunity to joke around in a while, so when that opportunity came, she did.

The advisor sat outside Celestia's door, a confused look upon his face as he eyed the piece of cake he had been given. He wasn't sure whether the Princess was just being generous, or, due to him being escorted out by the guards, had just given him a going-away present. He had royally screwed up by taking the mentioning of a diet WAY too seriously. And knowing Celestia, either possibility could happen. They didn't call her Trollestia for nothing...

Posted by: SaintAbsol Apr 19 2013, 12:41 AM
Celestia Audition

There were legitimately times when Celestia had to pause, and wonder... was she the hero, or the villain?

Yes, she would always be the pony at the top- during the day at least- and there were many ponies that were unquestioningly loyal to her, but she was no stranger to the fact that power, even that which was wielded with good intentions, was the strongest corruptive force in all creation. It didn’t help that there were times when the ‘right’ answer to whatever she was doing; the conflict of over a thousand years ago came to mind, when events had cascaded to the point that she was pitted against her own sister when Luna had been lost to madness. The land was dying, her sister was beyond listening to her or anypony else and a decision needed to be made; she lacked the ability to purify Luna simply because the true power of the Elements of Harmony could never be unlocked by a single pony.

That had been something that she had never- truly- forgiven herself for; there was always doubt in the back of her mind, always that one part of her that constantly asked herself ‘Could I have done better?’

The signs of Luna’s depression and eventual mental break were painfully obvious in hindsight; from her general attitude, to the overall lack of enthusiasm toward the times when the public entered their castle, even her general avoiding of everypony when Celestia had forced her to attend the castle’s social functions. However, at the time, there had been so many easy explanations for all of those things; even her asking if she was okay had just met with a casual rebuff from Luna. Even with all that, even when she had tried to reach out to her sister until the last possible moment, she couldn’t put the ‘What if’ out of her mind.

Discord was another sticking point with her, one that was far more complex and still uncertain than even her thoughts about Luna.

She had received letters, letters that she had at first incinerated because she had feared they contained some latent magic of his, asking for his release. Letters that, while the vast minority, were not ones that she could ignore thanks to their number; thanks to the chaotic nature of what his short reign had done to various parts of Equestria, there had been ponies that had... she shuddered to think such a thing... that had enjoyed what he done to them. Had enjoyed the changes he had wrought on the world and had asked, even demanded in some cases, that he be set free.

The mere concept of him having anything but the blackest of black hearts was so incomprehensible to her that she had- in secret- checked up on those ponies that had sent her the letters to make sure they weren’t corrupted. When they hadn’t been, doubt had returned with a vengeance. It had wormed its way into her mind and her heart; needling and picking at the still healing scars that Luna’s return and near relapse had left. Doubt was very good at making you feel utterly horrible over even the slightest mistake, and comparing what she had done with Discord to the horrible thing that she had been forced to do with Luna was something that she put up with for such a long time that- in a moment of weakness- she had finally given into it.

And, like the bitter pill that parents would force their foals to swallow when they needed it, she had been forced to accept that there was something that resembled good within the mad draconequus. But she was also in possession of enough forethought to leave the Elements with the ones that wielded them in the event he ever went back to his old ways; she was willing to give him a second chance, but she was not a complete idiot.

But still, there was nothing but doubt.

The opinion pieces in the papers (the palace received copies of everything) where very rarely of a positive nature regarding her; and even the rare ones that were were either tempered with their own desire for more information about what happened one thousand years ago, or were written by blind devout who would have sang her praises even if she were the villain of this piece. Not exactly ones that filled her with confidence in her own character... and the rumors....

Twilight had literally started crying when word had gotten back to her about the ‘Molestia’ rumors that had came about as a result of the alicorn taking her on as a student. She had apologized, saying that she’d leave and never come back if that was what ponies thought, she had begged Celestia to send her away; but that simply wasn’t an option. Not only was she the first and only pony that seemed to show the potential of being the Element of Magic... Celestia had grown to love the filly as the child she had never (could never thanks to the political ramifications) had; to never see her again would have been worse than anything anypony could say about her.

Even when she had grown, Twilight had always been one of her strongest supporters; something that had been one of the few legitimately happy parts of her life before her dear sister’s return. And now, she had made Celestia so proud with her ascension; though she prided herself on not showing emotions in social settings and events, there had been a moment when announcing her that she had almost slipped up. Shining Armor hadn’t been the only pony holding back tears on that day.

Still, there was another matter that still darkened her thought process and her opinion of herself: Chrysalis.

That was perhaps the most confounding of the doubts that her mind had raised. There was little question that the changeling queen was both insane and outright sadistic when it came to ponies. To say nothing of the fact that diplomacy had been nonexistent even prior to the invasion; no envoys from whatever kingdom the changelings had, no pleas for assistance from a dying race, not even so much as a political acknowledgement of them and their own needs. They just outright invaded, coming dangerously close to overthrowing the government and turning Equestria into their own personal hive to feed on at their leisure.

Her own guards had likened them to locusts, taking all the food in one area and then moving on to the next without any attempt to live in harmony with those there; Celestia had to admit, it was a disturbingly fitting analogy.

However, regardless of what she was, the driving motivation of attempting to find food for those she ruled over was one that she could relate to. She wanted nothing but the best for her little ponies; no matter what they said about her, she would always put them above even her own needs. Though she was loath to admit such a thing, she saw a part of herself in the changeling queen; and, while that meant that there might have been some goodness in the race as a whole (as Discord had proven it could come from very unlikely sources), her current mindset was only letting her see that there was probably a very fine line between her and Chrysalis.

Just how thin was that line? How close was she to being a mad dictator that put the happiness and well-being of her precious ponies over the happiness and well-being of every other species? How close was she to being someone that would gleefully laugh as things that weren’t her suffered? How close was she to being a monster?

For the briefest of moments, she was assaulted with a vision of herself as a mad Changeling, siphoning off the lives of every species that she encountered so that ponies wouldn’t have anything to stop their progress and growth. The solar alicorn shivered visibly, grateful that she was alone and could afford such a show of weakness; these were questions that she dared not ask others. Even if they were fears, there were political figures in and out of Equestria that would pounce on them and do everything in their power to ensure that they were blown as far out of proportion as possible. No, she would have to hold her head high and put on the comforting smile that was expected of her yet again, and soon too.

The sun was due to rise in less than an hour, and her latest day would officially begin at that moment. She would face it, even if it was painful, because that was what her little ponies expected of her.

And she would not let them down.

Posted by: JM95 Apr 28 2013, 01:36 PM

*This is my Discord audition from Redux.*

Discord reclined back on the couch in Fluttershy's house, reading an upside-down newspaper from right-to-left. Next to him, a cup of tea sat on a saucer on the table. The Draconequus took the cup of tea and took a small sip of the porcelain. It had an exquisite taste, just absolutely marvelous on the tongue. With some of the cup gone, the tea spilt over the edges of what remained as the cup was set back down.

The Spirit of Chaos's ears perked up when he heard the clip-clopping of hooves and something clunking around. He looked over his newspaper to see Fluttershy holding a large suitcase in her mouth, apparently having trouble lifting it.

"Oh, going on vacation, are we?" he asked his cripplingly timid friend. "I could really go for one of those, myself. So, what are you in the mood for? Volleyball at the beaches of the North Pole? Hiking in the frozen tundras of Saddle Arabia?"

"We're not going on vacation, Discord," said Fluttershy, grabbing some clothes and putting it in her suitcase. "Um...Princess Celestia has sent me a letter...She wants the other elements and I to go to Canterlot Castle immediately...There's something she needs help with...She's going to send me off somewhere...

Discord's expression went from an amused smile to a pout of seemingly genuine hurt. "You're...Leaving me, Fluttershy?" he asked to her while she still had her back turned to him. He gave an aside glance, showing off a sarcastic, toothy smirk.

"I'm so sorry, Discord," said Fluttershy, looking like she was on the verge of tears. "I didn't want it to be like this, but...but... Fluttershy began sobbing. Discord picked her up and gave her a hug.

"It's going to be okay, dear Fluttershy, I'm sure that if Princess Celestia herself needs you, it's for something very important." While he looked like he genuinely cared from the front, a second head had sprouted from the back, mocking what Discord was saying, sticking out its tongue, and rolling its eyes.

"But I don't want to go! wailed Fluttershy into Discord's chest. He set her down.

"How about this?" he said to her. "Why don't we have a nice going-away dinner! That way, you can take your time to say all your goodbyes to me." With a poof, the dining room table was suddenly laid out with a fancy Itailian meal, and Discord was dressed like a chef. "Ooh, spaghetti! My favorite!" He took a plate of spaghetti, and twirled his fork into it. He soon had the plate coiled around the fork, leaving a messy pile of pasta on the table. He slurped up the plate, letting out an enthusiastic "Mmmm! Delizioso!"

Tears kept rolling down Fluttershy's cheeks. "It's not funny, Discord, I really have to leave now..."

Discord looked distraught. "Oh...It really is urgent, isn't it..." He sighed, handing Fluttershy her suitcase and followed her to the door. He gave her another hug, and then held the door open for her as she trotted out.

"Goodbye, Fluttershy!" he called out to her. "Please forgive me if I forget to feed Angel Bunny!"

Angel Bunny gave him a dirty look.

Discord waited for Fluttershy to be out of sight, and then let the house float into the air and rotate upside-down. He jumped up (or down) shouting, "YES! Got the house to myself! And you know what that means, Angel?"

The bunny's face twisted into a devious smile. Within seconds, the Draconequus and the rabbit were both wearing tank tops and lounging around on the couch, having some cans of Sarsaparilla.

Posted by: Solaris Jun 1 2013, 12:21 AM
Discord Audition.

Discord reclined on a recently erected throne of gelatin, pouting as a cotton candy cloud hovered over his head. Though this particular cloud was launching it's chocolate rain into the sky rather than pouring down to the ground as it normally would. Then again since when was chocolate milk rain of any sort to be considered normal?
That was what had put the demented draconequus. Things had been far to normal for his liking recently. Day after day, time after time, things played out exactly as everypony expected. It was almost enough to make him yearn for the bad old days! Sure being free and bored was better than being trapped in a statue, but it was as if the whole world had hit a rut! How long at it been since his last machination or manipulation? How long had it even been since the last big shake up or crisis? Sure there were a few antagonistic entities spinning their little plans, but he doubted they'd really deliver the excitement he'd been missing. Part of him didn't even wish to stop them, but... well friendship did require sacrifices.

Discord conjured a glass out of thin air and reached for a stone lying on the ground beside him. Grabbing it with disinterest he wrung the rock like a dirty dishrag. Water flowed out of the now flat stone, which Discord soon tossed aside where it fluttered off like a bird, and covered the outside of his glass. He placed a long twisted, almost impossible seeming twisty straw in the empty confines of his water covered glass and 'drank' absentmindedly as the water surrounding his glass turned to salt and blew away.

"I really need to find a new hobby. Something with animals maybe." Discord said with a yawn as he slipped from his throne. The Moment he left it, it hurtled off into the air, as if there was a rocket hidden within before exploding like a firework.

"Well I'm sure there must be some fun left out in the world. I'll just have to go and find it." He said stretching before quickly snatching the cloud that had been above his head. He quickly sculpted it into a cotton candy scooter and hopped on, floating a few feet above the air. Where he'd be going, Discord wasn't quite sure, but wasn't it more fun to be surprised?

Posted by: shinska Jul 13 2013, 04:14 PM
Cadence Audition

The alicorn princess sat in the throne room of the Crystal Empire. Shining Armor was off doing other things and the alicorn princess was eagerly awaiting the arrival of one of her dearest friends... Twilight Sparkle. Not once had either of them ever really had any time to each other to catch up. Today just might be that day.

Cadence's pink coat shined and her hair had been brushed especially well this day. Her thoughts went back to the moment she was to marry Twilight's brother, Shining Armor. When Chrysalis captured Cadence and pretended to be her, Twilight was the only to have noticed.

Each time she and Twilight got together they had a little song and dance they did. It was the only way the two would really know it was the other they were with and not an imposter. Suddenly one of the guards ran in. The train had arrived!

"Bring her here immediately!"

Ten minutes later Cadence ran down from the throne to the purple alicorn princess coming towards her. "Twilight!"

The two hugged and then did their dance. Sunshine, sunshine, ladybugs awake! Clap your hooves and do a little shake!

"It is so wonderful to see you Twilight! I have missed you."

"Thank you Cadence. I have missed you as well. We have MUCH to talk about!"

The two friends walked away and began discussing the things they have been doing.

Posted by: Professor Snow Jul 17 2013, 03:35 PM
Audition for one, Doctor Whooves!

"Goodbye Clara!" The Doctor pulled the door shut, spinning over to the console. Clara was off at her house, and she wouldn't want him back for a few days! Of course, he could just jump to that date. The benefits of being a time traveler...


There was everything he couldn't do with a companion! Dangerous situations he wouldn't dare put in harm's way! Temporal shifting points, edges of dark space, wormholes, rifts in the very fabric of the universe! It was all there! But! Which first? Which required his immediate attention? A smile came to his lips, and he yanked a lever. Why didn't he try this more often?! He ran to the other side. "Let's break through those walls! Adjust the Temporal Shifter, charge those Hylcine converters, and for a dash of flavor, play Jailhouse Rock on the speakers!"

He slammed a breaker, and began swinging his hips like Elvis around the TARDIS. He actually taught Elvis how to do that! And Elvis didn't give him an ounce of credit! Lousy showboat! Oh, but he drove the ladies mad! Twisting and grooving! He twitched a bit, hearing something, but ignored it, glancing at the screen. "Just a bit longer, sexy! Think of what amazing wonders lie beyond this rift! We just have to-" The Doctor suddenly realized what the sound was. It was the cloister bell. He immediately turned off the music.

"No, no, no! No universe ending, time collapsing events! It's just a small trip! Don't do this! Don't-" Suddenly, a screen exploded. The Doctor stumbled backwards, and the entire TARDIS became unsteady. The console burst into flames, and the room turned a bright shade of red. The Doctor staggered to a screen, panting heavily. "No! No, this can't be happening! Sexy, don't die on me! Just get through this, and we'll-" The screen exploded into him, throwing the Doctor to the floor. He held his face, blood dripping off of it. Explosions rocked him, throwing him about. Then, golden sparks caught his eye. No. No, he wasn't ready to change! Clara was still with him! She didn't know what was happening! It can't happen!

"It can't happen like THIIIIIIIIIIS!" The Doctor exploded, regeneration energy pouring off of him.

The TARDIS finally crashed, ending the entire event.

An hour passed, before the Doctor came to. The entire TARDIS was on its side. If he hadn't of fallen against the console he probably would've fallen much deeper. Who... Who was he... No, he's the Doctor. I'm the Doctor... What do I look like? Teeth? Hm... Odd... Not the normal human-like set... Not human... Is that my nose? The Doctor reached out and poked it, but stopped everything. That wasn't a hand. It's some sort of stubby thing. He leaned it closer for further inspection. He definitely had no fingers. The Doctor opened his mouth, and licked the appendage. Hm... Keratin. How strange. Hair, nails, horns, hooves-Oh! Hooves! That's what it was!

He had hooves! What was he, some sort of equine? That was new. He had never been an equine before. Then again, he never wanted to be! But it offered new challenges! New experiences! New-Ooh, how was he going to explain this to Clara? Sorry, but I'm a horse now! The Doctor looked over himself. Well... How was he going to get out? He needed to see where he was. Get used to this new form. Maybe he could call for help... Well, he'd need to get the door open. Not a problem, he'd just snap his fingers and-Awww! He didn't have fingers anymore! Wait, his screwdriver! He'd just-He didn't have fingers! Ugh, he hated not having fingers! It was stupid! Who looks at a hand, and thinks, this could use less appendages?!

There was still the problem of getting the door open. He saw his sonic screwdriver laying between his feet. He'd just have to manage it somehow. He bit his lip, fumbling the device between his new hooves. He couldn't hit the buttons, how was he going to...

The Doctor raised it, and popped the end in his mouth. He moved around his tongue and teeth, and managed to get the right button. His ears perked as the doors clicked and swung open. Haha! Who says the Doctor can't open a door without fingers?! Probably nobody.

"Hello?! I'm an equine in distress! Actually, I'm a Time Lord, but still in equine form! Hello?! Anyone there?!" Suddenly, a head peeked in.

"Do you need some help?" "Who cares?! He just crashed into your library!" "Please be civil!" "Would y'all just shut up?" The Doctor raised an eyebrow as the equines above him argued.

"Excuse me, but I believe I'm more important than your squabbles!" Ooh, that was rude. The equines didn't seem to mind, but then an equine with wings came down. Wings?!

"Grab my hoof."

"Grab it? With what?! I don't have fingers!" The pony groaned, and yanked the Doctor up, pulling him out of the TARDIS. She just grabbed him with hooves. How did she do that? Snobby equine beings and their fingerless abilities! Ooh, really rude!

He was set down, and he looked around. He seemed to be in a library like the equine said. There was a big hole in the ceiling... Did he do that? "Um, hello?" The Doctor turned, to see a lavender pony walking up. Wait... What was that on her forehead...? Was that a...?

"You're a unicorn?!" The Doctor exploded with laughter, falling backwards onto the floor. "A magical talking unicorn! It's so ridiculously cute!"

"Twilight, Ah think this stallion's lost his marbles." "OoooOOoo, he has marbles? Can we play a game?" "Not now, Pinkie." Twilight? Pinkie? Ha! It's like a little girl's TV show! "Excuse me, sir, but, who are you? And, what is this thing?"

The Doctor frowned, placing his hooves on the floor, and shakily standing. It was... very hard. But, he managed to stand! Wasn't so sure about walking. "This is the TARDIS. Uh... I think I need to set the TARDIS to repair itself. Um, flying equine? Can you throw a book at the red swingy lever inside my TARDIS?"

"Um, sure." The flying equine went off to do it. "What kind of a pony are you?" Pony?

"Is that what we are? Ponies? Interesting. Never heard of ponies before. It's new. Anyways, I'm the Doctor!"

"Doctor, who?" The Doctor laughed to himself.

"Just the Doctor! Now, let's see what a world of ponies has to offer! Onwards, equines!" He took a step forwards, and fell flat on his face.

Posted by: Solaris Sep 3 2013, 04:57 PM
-Twilight Sparkle Audition-

Princess Twilight Sparkle. How long had it been since she'd first heard those words? It had been about five years now if memory served, and her memory was usually very good. It was so strange that it all still felt new to her, as if it had just been yesterday that she'd made one of her biggest blunders. Switching around her friends cutie marks and destinies, almost driving them all crazy, but in the end it had actually ended up teaching her greatest lessons and showing her how far she'd come. It had shown her how friendship could really whether any storm and how it could even make somepony stronger!

So even though it had been a very long day and she was almost exhausted, Princess Twilight Sparkle was happy. She was glad that she had the chance to help the ponies of Equestria. To make their lives better and spread the magic of friendship, even if it was just a little bit each day. So as the purple princes levitated her crown from her weary head she bore a smile and trotted over to her desk. She'd be in bed soon, after all she'd seen first-hoof how overwork could affect a pony's performance. Still, something just didn't seem right to her. She couldn't exactly say what was wrong, but she was nervous for some reason. It was no twitchy tail, but she decided to be cautious. You could never be too careful.

"Well I'm sure that whatever happens, my friends and I can handle it! There's no problem that's been able to overcome the power of our friendship yet. Still, I'd rather make sure that we're ready, no matter what happens." She said aloud before looking over and reaffirming she was indeed alone. She had a habit of speaking aloud; after all she Spike had usually been just a few steps away to listen. She shook her head as acknowledgement of this small mistake and returned to her work. There was no time to waste, right? It was better to be safe than sorry.

Posted by: Professor Snow Sep 7 2013, 09:17 PM
Audition for one shy little pony, named Fluttershy:

The sun lightly rose, sending stray beams through the window of the home owned by the shyest pony in Ponyville. A small ball of fluff sat next to the sleeping form, sleeping quite soundly himself. The form belonged to the Element of Kindness, Fluttershy. A few of the rays of sunshine floated across her eyes, causing her to stir. She slowly opened her eyes, and glanced down at Angel. The little bunny was still sound asleep~. I hope he can stay that way... Angel gets so cranky if he wakes up early...

Fluttershy slipped out of the blanket, and set her hooves on the floor. Immediately, she knew something was off. She looked around, frowning. The window drew her over. She looked outside, and sighed. That's what it was. I really need to talk to him about that... Oh, I hope it wouldn't be rude, but, this is my house, but, he's my guest, and- Fluttershy shook herself. You just have to go down there, and tell him to fix it. Don't take no for an answer! ... Unless he really means it, then maybe that would be-No! No no's! She nodded, and walked over to the door. She ventured a glance back to Angel-bunny. He was still asleep. He looks so peaceful... I'll have to make him a great breakfast for going to sleep on time last night.

She turned the doorknob, and pushed it open. Suddenly, it creaked loudly. Her eyes blew open, and she turned towards Angel. Pleasedon'twakeuppleasedon'twakeuppleasedon't... Angel turned over, and snored loudly. Fluttershy let out a shaky breath, and stepped out. Fluttershy took wing, and made her way downstairs, to find a certain Draconequus sitting on her couch. "Oh, Fluttershy, there you are! I hope you don't mind that I made myself comfortable~!" Fluttershy looked outside the window again, and breathed in deeply.

Come on Fluttershy, just tell him to turn it back. He'll understand. He can be very nice-Oh, but what if he doesn't? What if Angel wakes up? What if they hate me for it, and then they leave me all alone?! Fluttershy blinked, with wide eyes, before gulping. "M-M-M-Mis-Mister D-Discord?"

Discord raised an eyebrow, leaning forwards. "Yyyyyes, Fluttershy?"

She gulped again, looking out the window. "C-Can you..."

"Can I....?"

"I-I mean, if it's not too much trouble..."

"Out with it~."

"Could you... please put my furniture back on the floor? And us?" Instead of Discord's normal effect of flipping the entire house, he flipped the insides.

"I don't know... Could you make me some breakfast? Something with chocolate..."

"B-But I don't have any chocolate..." She saw the look in his eyes, and she jumped forwards. "B-But I could go to the store and get some!" Discord smiled, and patted her head.

"Thank you so much~. And don't worry, while your at the store, I'll handle the little Angel and fix your house." Fluttershy smiled, nodding. She got a bag for the chocolate, and some other ingredients she'd pick up while she was out, and hopped out the front door.

She trotted down the path, not noticing the entire house flip upside down behind her, and surprised cries coming from a specific little Angel. Discord's so nice for helping out... I'm sure I'll be able to make something for breakfast that both of them will like!

Posted by: Professor Snow Oct 9 2013, 05:15 AM
One audition for Princess Cadance~

Princess Cadance blinked awake. Sunlight filtered in, reflecting off of almost every surface in the room. Sometimes it wasn't the best thing to have a home built entirely out of crystal. But, her aunt Celestia knew that she could lead the Crystal Empire, and Cadance wouldn't let her down. Cadance sat up in the bed, rubbing her eyes. She wouldn't let Celestia down, but it didn't make it any easier to get up in the morning. She glanced to the other side of the bed, and frowned. Her husband, Shining Armor, wasn't there. Had he begun working already?

"I'm sure it's fine. He's probably just patrolling the castle." That excuse was as good as any to finally get out of bed. Cadance lowered herself to the floor. Immediately, a shiver went up her spine. Stupid cold crystal floors. She put on her slippers, and walked out of the bedroom... The first thing she noticed, was a piece of Shining's armor was sitting on the table. Well, he definitely wasn't working. So where was he? Cadance tapped her chin as she made herself some coffee. Wait... Shining hadn't even made any coffee? That meant he never went to bed last night!

She knew exactly what he was doing! Cadance tapped her hooves on the counter, waiting for the stupid coffee to come out. She couldn't believe he was even doing it here! Why couldn't he find something better to do with his time then that?

Cadance left the kitchen, and went to the closet. She levitated her crown onto her head, and replaced the slippers with shoes. Cadance would definitely have some words with Shining. She went back to the coffee machine, and poured herself a mug. Cadance walked straight out, coffee levitating in front of her. The crystal halls were almost empty. Only one guard stood watch. "Where is he?"



"U-Uh, the basement!" Cadance stomped past the guard, and made her way down the stairs. When she finally got to the basement, she yanked the door open.

"Shining, honey? I understand you want to play your little game, but don't make the other guards play D&D when they're supposed to be guarding the castle! Now get back to your posts!" She watched all of the guards run out of the room, a few even thanking her. Cadance waited till they were the last two in the room, and stepped over to him. She placed her hooves around his neck, smiling. "If you wanted to play D&D, all you had to do was ask." She kissed him, and levitated over the dice. "So, roll the dice, and we'll see how good you are at roleplaying..."

Posted by: JM95 Oct 9 2013, 12:29 PM
(I've mentioned I would do this someday, and I finally will!)

Shining Armor

It was a rather lazy morning in the crystal castle, but the Prince couldn't afford to be lazy. His schedule today consisted of training the crystal guards from five A.M. to 5 P.M., and a meeting with the ambassadors from Mustangia directly after. The Crystal Prince, without a single word, marched his way through the hallways and stopped in the dining room to get a quick bite to eat. He saw that the servants had laid out a nice, extravagant meal for him, but there was no time to try crystalline foods he still wasn't completely used to. He just took an entire fresh pot of coffee with him, and made haste towards the barracks...Until something stopped him in his tracks.

Upon the table was a note, written in an all too familiar cutesy cursive font. He shouldn't have taken a swig of coffee while reading it, for the coffee just came back up in a spray from his mouth.

"Oh no!" Shining Armor gasped, thinking out loud. "It's our anniversary TODAY?!"

Topaz Glow, one of the butlers, entered the room just as Shining Armor had his meltdown.

"Why yes, sir," said Topaz. "That ever-so-special day comes once again! The mind boggles, how five years go by so quickly."

Shining Armor had no time for small talk. "Topaz!" he shouted, quickly placing his helmet upon the butler's head. "You're Shining Armor for the day!" The prince turned tail and ran, not even saying goodbye.


Shining Armor trotted out into the streets, trying his best to keep his cool while he fretted over what to get Cadance for an anniversary present. Most ponies who hounded him on the street got very simple replies such as:



"Sorry, married- Miss Peachbottom?" *sigh* "Oh, for the love of-"

After some awkward mingling with his subjects, Shining Armor found a Griffon Merchant peddling some bizarre device.

"Excuse me, sir," Shining Armor asked. "'re selling looks quite interesting. Just what is it?"

"It's ze Wonder Boner!" The Griffon announced proudly, using it to remove the bones from a fish.

"The Wonder Boner..." A smile, the smile of a stallion who had seen some dirty, dirty activities being performed, crawled up the prince's face. "My wife would like that."


After the distraction that Wonder Boner salesgriffon had provided, Shining Armor went back to business searching for a present for Cadance. Instead, he found a tent that sold games. He searched through a bookshelf, before finding a certain rulebook to a certain nostalgic game of his foalhood...

"By the twelve houses of Elvish Ponies..." Shining Armor whispered as he used his magic to lift the book and flip through it. He literally drooled as he read through the descriptions of new races, new rules, and new settings. He spent a good two hours reading the rulebook before putting it back. He only had so much money on him, though, so he'd have to buy the book another day. Cadance always came first...Euphemism intended.

user posted image

That's Right.

Posted by: luxleberry Dec 3 2013, 02:27 PM

The sun was rising on the wonderful property called Sweet Apple Acres and, with the rising sun, the ponies working them rose as well. One of those ponies was the bearer of the Element of Honesty. Apple harvest season was almost over and they had the South Field to harvest still, which Applejack was well aware of.

Getting to her hooves, the farmer grabbed her faithful Stetson and trotted out the door. Once out, she traveled to the restroom to start her daily routine. Finishing up quickly, she once again started to walk through the Apple Family home. Reaching the staircase, she sighed. At the moment, Applejack felt rather tired of the same routine over and over again. The orange mare felt like this was as good as it was going to get, but a part of her longed for something more. Something good for her family was all she wanted. A little money towards well-being never hurt.

With the end of Apple Harvest came the hard time. The part of the year where money was tight. Last year, they had been invited by the Princesses to put on the biggest play of Hearth's Warming Eve. This year, however, would have to be different. Applejack couldn't just up and leave the farm. She had responsibilities to the farm and her family. Apple Bloom had come along with her sister and watched, but Big Mac had been alone here in Sweet Apple Acres with Granny. Just like he would, Big Mac just said his signature "Eeyup" and went to work. The stallion, not once in her life, had ever complained. Being on the farm did that in her opinion. It made them both a little stubborn when it came to asking for help in addition to the fact that he never complained. On occasion, Applejack did complain. It was for a reason though that, at the time, seemed like a good reason to complain.

Yet, her elder brother reminded her time and time again that complaining didn't get things done. So with that thought, she walked down the stairs. Noticing that Big Mac was cooking, she licked her lips. Big Mac was the best cook, which made for a highly satisfied Applejack. Like Granny said often, Applejack had the appetite of a full grown stallion.

"Mornin' Big Mac," the orange mare chirped.

"Mornin'," Big Mac responded.

"After breakfast, we've got ta get the south field," she vocalized, "So, we got ta eat right quick."

"Eeyup," was the only response that she got from her brother at that moment. Within moments, he put the food out on the prepared table and the two went at the food. Scarfing it down, Applejack finished first and started to head out the door.

"Apple Bloom has cleanin' duty today right," she asked the red stallion.

"Eeyup," he answered.

Nodding, she found her way out into the open. The sun barely in the sky. Celestia's sunrise happened to be Applejack's favorite part of the day. It was quiet for the most part, except for the pounding that came from the two working ponies. For the moment, it was quiet. All that could be heard were the small chirps coming from the birds that had nested in the old oak beside the east side of the old barn. With an inhale of the fresh air, the mare greeted her job finally. She and Big Mac had a lot to do today, which meant no slacking off. Half of her wanted to ask her friends for help, but the stubborn half perished the thought. No way was she going to beg others for her. She wasn't that kind of pony.

Lining up with the first tree, she hit it with her hind legs. A bolt of energy shook the tree causing the apples to fall from their resting place. Most fell in the bucket below, but a few strayed to the side. She grabbed them by the stem and put them with the others. Doing that many more times, the mare swiped her brow and looked at the buckets she had harvested. There were only about six or seven, which wasn't a very good pace for her, but yesterday had tired her out. Once Apple harvest was over, she would relax. That was only a few days away, which calmed Applejack. It meant that other things had to be done as well. That was the one thing that Applejack wasn't looking forward too. Working in the snow and rain to get things done was one of those things that she found herself complaining about. Of course, the only one that heard her complaints was her brother. She didn't dare complain in front of her friends or other family members.

After a few more hours, only thirty trees had been completed by Applejack. She knew, however, that Big Mac was probably having better luck. Finishing up the last tree, she grabbed the mass of them in the bucket and hit a few with her hips, which made them roll right into the bucket. Right now, she wished that Apple Bloom had come out to the fields today. The little filly would have loved harvesting some apples, but somepony had to look over Granny while two were in the fields. It wasn't about to be somepony that wasn't in the family. Granny wouldn't allow it. So, it was up to one of the grandchildren to watch over their dear grandmother.

Snapping her from her thoughts was a voice calling out for her. Looking back at the farm, she noticed the yellow filly galloping towards her. Curious, the elder sister trotted over to met Apple Bloom.

"Applejack," the filly whined, "Ah'm suppose ta meet Sweetie Bell and Scootaloo. We're goin' crusadin'."

"Apple Bloom," the mare confronted the sweet filly, "Don'tcha think that Big Mac and me might need yer help. We can't exactly be in two places, sugarcube. Granny needs lookin' after and Ah know she ain't too pleased with others comin' ta help. Ah know that yer friend and ya look forward ta these meetings o' yers, but Ah gotta ask ya ta stay put for an hour."

"But Ah wanna go now," she whined accompanied with her signature puppy-dog eyes.

"AB," Applejack warned her, "Not right now. Later."

An angry Apple Bloom stomped towards the house with her head hung low to the ground, but suddenly perked back up. The red-maned filly jumped for the chance to have the Cutie Mark Crusaders meet inside the house. That way Granny would have one of her kin watching over, while the CMC still were able to hang out. Of course, the crusading would have to wait. Still, it seemed logical. Once she had told the older mare, the filly waited for a moment. She was eager to hear the word "yes" escape her sister's lips, which was exactly what happened. Applejack knew that it would bite her in the rump, but it wasn't like she could really tell Apple Bloom no.


The sun was setting as the two ponies finished in the fields. Applejack took one of the full wagons and carried them back towards the old barn. Big Mac, Granny, and Apple Bloom would be going through the apples from today's harvest, while Applejack went and got some chores done in town. To be honest, Applejack had a bigger day tomorrow. She had to help Pinkie, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Twilight tomorrow. That meant only a few hours for each and no break, except to walk there and walk to the next house. The orange mare was just glad that Rarity never wanted her to model or anything. That would be a nightmare for both ponies. Plus, Applejack wasn't as refined in her tastes. She had spent some time in Manehatten, which was another social elite city. Yet, she had never found it quite right....


Note: Sorry about this...I know that it is a lot, but I felt like I had to write a bit more. Show some interactions. Of course, it seems a bit out of character for Applejack...but that might just be me.

Again, sorry about the length.

Posted by: Fizzy Dec 21 2013, 10:59 PM
It's Miss Cheerilee!

Lesson #1: There is no such thing as a SILLY question, only SILLY PONIES who don't ask questions.

Cheerilee stood before the class, a smile upon her face as she gazed out upon the mostly attentive class - or at least the attentive unicorn filly who sat in the front of the room while the other ponies did sweet FA and waited for the clock to pass on. "Alright, ponies, it's time for us to answer your questions!" she chirped, the ponies' attention snapping back to the front of the class as she dug into a box, feeling around until her hoof grasped at a slip, the mare pulling it out and setting it upon the desk.

"why is the sky bleu during the day but black at night?" the paper read, the mare blinking once as she dug into her desk, pulling out a red pen and proofreading the question before continuing.

"An excellent question here today, class. Well..." she began, pulling out a large bag of chalk from her desk and taking out a light blue color, before standing up on her hindlegs as she began to rapidly run the chalk across the board, until the upper half was completely light blue, before taking out a yellow piece and drawing a circle, rapidly filling it in as the chalkdust stuck to her forehooves. "To understand this question, you have to understand that light is every color of the rainbow at once, at different wavelengths, and that it is all the colors at once that give the illusion of white light." she spoke, as she drew a number of lines across the board, her forehoof becoming caked with light blue dust as she leaned against it.

"Now, when the light enters the atmosphere, it collides with all the air particles, and that's what spreads the sunlight across the sky..." she explained, running the light yellow chalk all across the upper half as she went on, "...and that's why we see color in the entire sky during the day. Now, violet light is scattered the most..." she paused, setting down the yellow chalk and picking up the violet before lightly glazing over the mess of color, "...but our eyes are much more sensitive to blue, and that's how we get blue skies." she explained, stepping back to admire her work before taking an eraser in either forehoof and rearing up to erase it all, the dust flying everywhere as her hooves and underside acquired a light bluish tint.

"Now then," she began, drawing and filling in a crescent shape on the still-dusty board. "At night, the sky appears black because the sun's light isn't shining against the atmosphere, so there's no light being scattered." she explained, her tail swishing once as she stepped back. "Because the stars in the night sky are so much further away than our sun, they can't cover the sky, so we are left with an unfiltered view of the universe." she spoke, pausing for a moment before chuckling. "Though I wouldn't go so far as to call the sun a filter; Equestria, and the world for that matter, need day and night for stability; can you imagine an endless night, or an endless day, even?" she asked, smiling as she reached up, clearing the board before reaching into the box with a now multi-colored hoof. "Now then, next question..."

That's an apple tree.

Posted by: shinska Feb 8 2014, 02:08 PM
Flash Sentry

The sun rose slowly over the horizon, but a young male pegasi was already awake. Walking as quietly as he could down the hallway, he prepared for his duties of the day. Golden orange body and medium, almost dark, blue mane and tail was almost all one could see. His armor was gold with a blue blanket of sorts to signify his rank.

He wasn't as high as his commanding officer, Shining Armor, but the young stallion was very competent in his duties... it was how he had gotten as far as he did. However, things changed fairly recently. While it didn't affect his duties, the stallion had recently encountered a female that he found himself in awe of.

Princess Twilight Sparkle. It has a nice ring to it. The stallion thought with a smile before shaking his head clear.

Stop it, Flash Sentry. She has no reason to like you beyond a friend.

Flash Sentry continued to his post, watching the sun rise as he did so. He was new to Canterlot Castle, but he wasn't new to the Royal Guard. He had trained with other recruits and had quickly risen through the ranks. With Shining Armor currently away in the Crystal Empire, it was Flash Sentry's duty to fill his hooves while he was away.

Flash Sentry looked up to Shining Armor and had always admired him, even when he was a young colt. His marriage to Princess Cadence had been an exciting event, one where Flash had heard that Twilight figured that the first Cadence wasn't even the real one.

Persisting in the face of doubt. That is a good lesson one should learn.

It was no secret of Twilight's lessons in Ponyville, Princess Celestia had made it public knowledge, but Flash still felt unsure of Twilight. Not because he distrusted her. No it was the complete opposite. In face, Flash wanted to learn more about Twilight. She seemed like a wonderful pony and he was curious about her love for reading. He did read a bit, but not quite as much as her. Twilight intrigued him.

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