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Welcome to a world where love and friendship create the strongest of spells, and where an adventure can be found beyond every twist and turn. A world where all kinds of creatures find themselves in situations of a positively ludicrous nature, day after day, even! In such a world, where "normal" is relative, and mundane is anything but; what sort of journey will you find yourself on today?

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Starting on the In-character date of Mid-June 2019, Journeys Across Equestria's first "Post Reboot" Story Arc will begin. When the latest Lunar Eclipse refuses to pass, Luna and Celestia find themselves cut off from the Moon and Realm of Dreams! Meanwhile, children everywhere are suddenly and inexplicably falling into a deep magical slumber, where they are tormented by terrible nightmares! Who, or what could possibly be responsible?!

To learn more about this upcoming event, please visit the Blood Moon Information and General Discussion thread in the Inn. If you want one or more of your characters to participate in this event, let us know here! The cutoff date for players who wish to participate in this event is May 11th, 2014.

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Congratulations to JM95 for winning the role of Spike the Dragon, although this turn of events also means that he has voluntarily given up the role of Cheese Sandwich, putting him up for grabs along with all of the other available Canon Character roles.

As a reminder, if there are at least TWO auditions for the same character, a poll will be held within three days of the last audition made for that character. Additional auditions will be accepted at that time, but the deadline will not be extended. In three days after the poll has been started, the votes will be counted, and the winner will be announced, as with the old method.

To those of you that play Canon Characters: It is encouraged that you play your Canon Characters as often as you can, within reason. The JAE staff realizes that it can be more difficult to play certain characters in a day to day situation than others, (Such as one of the Princesses, in comparison to say... Pinkie Pie.) so in some cases, leniency is exercised. Still, it never hurts to make a thread that involves a character, that for once, doesn't involve the fate of Equestria hanging in the balance.

Journeys Across Equestria is a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Roleplay Forum set five years after the show. A 100 word count minimum for posts is enforced for all In-Character posts.

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Date: June 2019 A.D (After Discord)
Current Events: Blood Moon
Description: When the Sisters are cut off from the Moon and the Realm of Dreams, a dark presence makes itself known in Equstria as children everywhere fall into a magically-induced slumber, plagued by terrible nightmares!
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 Best Laid Plans
 Posted: Jun 7 2014, 12:34 AM
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"Well yeah, I guess being big bad and intimidating could work. It's just nice to know that sometimes when ya look at something there's no secret scheme or anything going on. True. it's because most of them don't have much going on up here anymore," Bloodbeak said tapping her head as Inari had done a few moments ago, "but that's just how it goes."She finished with a small sigh.

"So, Bamboo Foxes? Well, aren't you the busy Goddess, Foxy? I don't think Celestia has made any new additions to the ecosystem. They seem like them might make good pets, but it's not really like I know. Maybe they'd chew all the furniture and slobber all over my swag. Can they even slobber? Whatever, like I care." She said taking another huge swig of her mug. Considering what she was drinking she should probably slow down, but Bloodbeak was never known for taking it slow.

"Yeah, golems might be a little too heavy to use on my ship... but I don't know. That may just be an excuse. Maybe I'd be using them if I was trained since I could walk to be an expert on making rocks walk instead of corpses. Still, the past is the past, right? No use getting all sappy about it." She said with what may have been a hint of sadness.

 Posted: Jun 7 2014, 10:10 AM
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"Heh, bamboo foxes were something I made before I had ascended completely. My ascension wasn't a "jump" from mortal to God, but rather... A lot of self-modifications. Back then I heard voices of the plants and then heard a bamboo ranting about how he wanted to leave that place and thus... Cut it down, shaped it carefully and used a life-giving spell. And bam! The first bamboo fox was born. But that one has shared its power with othe bamboo plants and... You can guess how it went from there. They don't slobber really, too shy and quiet. However they eat plants when hungry and, if accostumed to a meat diet, they may attack anyone in hunger."

Inari finished herself some more saké and this time brought out... A BARREL. "I can never have enough of this. Funny story is: this one is unbranded homebrew a merchant gave me after I stopped his son from getting into fights. His family used to brew and sell their own brand in a bar he owned, but the bar blew up during a drunker's fight and they never got back to that business since. Not really a great brew, but ain't a bad one either. I give 6/10 to it."

Serving herself some more, she cleared her throat and continued: "Golems are only as heavy as what you use to make them, as well as leaving them hollowed or not.", the fox goddess crushed the empty bottle of saké in her grasp, and the glass shards stopped few inches from Bloodbeak and Inari's body, before returning to her paw in a liquid form and, from there, emerged a single canary made of glass, flying around the place on its own and landing on Bloodbeak's claw... It was amazingly light!

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Haretake - Kogane's bamboo sprout, planted in the garden behind her room, given by Dandelion. She personally cares of him at all times.
Kon-Kon - A Take Gitsune (Bamboo Fox). A small fox-like creature made of aged bamboo stalks, bulbs, brown-red bamboo leaves and with a pair of faintly glowing green for eyes, most likely a cub. After sneaking into Purple Cloud's saddlebag while she was in Mane-ji and causing her some trouble, he has now become Purple Cloud's pet, and has a thing for drinking her tea or eating fruits. All he says is what sounds like a "Kon!".
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