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 Settling Kirin Once And For All
 Posted: May 2 2014, 04:12 AM
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OK, so there's been some discussion and debate in the cbox about Kirin, as they've been changing quite a bit. Here I will compile a list of traits we've mentioned. Not all of these are universally agreed upon, but this thread is posted because this is a pressing matter we need to settle.

The Kirin Write-Up

The Neighponese and Mane-Jise-native Kirin or Qilin, as they are called in Mane-Ji, are a race of chimeric beings that possess the body of a horse, deer, or ox, the antlers of a deer, the scales of a carp, and the tail of an ox. This is usually how they look, but due to them being able to breed with ponies, some lean far more towards the horse-like aspects. Like ponies, Kirin are split into three groups: The Earth Kirin, who have a pair of antlers and possess a powerful elemental breath weapon; The Horned Kirin, who have Unicorn-like magical ability through a single curved horn on their forehead; and the Winged Kirin, who have the ability to fly and walk on the clouds. Kirin that have pony ancestry are likely to have cutie marks.

Kirin may look fearsome, but they are actually a peaceful species in general. Those native to Neighpon and Mane-Ji tend to be vegetarians, and some even refuse to walk on grass out of the fear of disrupting it.There are individual cases where this is not true, so it's not safe to assume all Kirin are peace-loving, passive vegetarians. Male Kirin tend to be bigger, bulkier, and more monstrous in the face, while females tend to be thinner and more delicate. In general, Kirin are on average taller and longer-bodied than ponies.

Some Kirin are practitioners of Wu Xing, a philosophy that involves five elements. Earth Kirin tend to lean more towards Earth and Wood, Unikirin tend to lean more towards Fire and Metal, and Winged Kirin lean more towards Water due to their affinity for the clouds and sky. This is not true for all Kirin, as the majority are not practitioners of this art.

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