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Posted by: That Little Twerp Apr 10 2014, 12:13 AM
As those of you who frequent this site have no doubt noticed... there are currently no In Character threads on Journeys Across Equestria. There are two reasons for that. The first is in regards to the method I had used to delete each thread unfortunately resulted in the permanent loss of these threads. For those that have left the site due to this grievous error on my part, or due to the "Reset" in general, I don't blame them. The second reason is the fact that a fluid timeline, where threads do not occur on a set date, come into conflict with Events that occur within an established point of time. As a result, a more traditional timeline will take its place.

All of you that chose to stay despite the timeline being reset, which has rendered all current and past threads nonexistent, you will find that all of your Original characters that you have created remain untouched, and those of you that play Canon Characters will find that they are still under your ownership. Any players that have elected to leave the site, who own a Canon Character, will forfeit ownership of that character, and the Canon character(s) will be put up for grabs.

Due to the fact that the site now operates on an actual timeline, and goes by specific Months, rather than the more abstract seasons previously utilized when we still used the fluid timeline. As a result, It is recommended that you post a specific date for a thread, unless it is Non-Canon, in which case it can be posted in the Inn.

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