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 Writeup For The Seaponies, Seeking Admin approval
 Posted: Jul 27 2013, 06:05 PM
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From the lakes to the rivers, interconnected amongst the waterways of Equestria, there are several mysteries that reside, hidden below the depths. One such mystery is the seaponies – a race of aquatic ponies rumored to inhabit wherever there is water. Their existence was known of by ponykind – records of interaction existed among the “ponies of the earth” and the “ponies of the sea” in ancient pony history, but their name and likeness had become but a myth in the many years they had kept themselves hidden away.

During this time, seafarers began to come up with legends, stories, and myths surrounding the elusive seaponies, and many a superstitious sailor believed that the sea ponies were one of many of the ocean's dangers, their songs rumored to do anything from drive ships to their doom to driving ponies mad. A few stories depicted them as benevolent spirits, and sailors often prayed to the sea ponies for a safe travel.

The truth was – the sea ponies are very much alive, and are living beings, having been discovered near a reef roughly 200 years ago by a pony seeking undersea treasures. Ever since their rediscovery, Equestria has slowly began to learn more about the sea ponies, seeking to keep their knowledge of the species of the world up to date.

Seaponies – true seaponies have the muzzle and mane of a normal pony, but lack any sort of hooves, instead propelling themselves through the water by means of two fins on either side of their body and a powerful tail. They are known for their singing, which can not only call more seaponies but can manipulate water. An interesting trait about the seaponies, however, than no other breed of underwater equine holds, is their devotion to exactly two other seaponies, forming what they refer to as a “three”. Threes often live together, and will treat each other as if they were family. It is not uncommon for two, or all three ponies to be biologically related, and for a seapony to lose one of their Three will often have a massive negative effect upon a seapony's happiness, as a Three can never be changed or replaced.

Merponies – Born as a last resort from the seapony's magical song to save a pony who drowns at sea or naturally through conventional methods between two of their kind, Merponies lack the fins on either side of their body, but are much larger and have forehooves. Because they were originally land ponies, they are not psychologically bound to the stigma of Threes that the seaponies are, giving them a degree of freedom, however, while equally beautiful, their songs cannot manipulate the waters like a seapony's can. Born merponies will understandably have no memories or knowledge of the world above the surface, however a merpony who is changed will have their memories sealed behind a mental block, a side effect of the song designed to prevent a merpony from attempting to travel back home only to suffocate upon leaving the water.

Octoponies – A new breed of pony even by seapony culture, little is known about the multi-limbed octoponies, aside from their resemblance to the squid and octopus that populate the deep oceans. They are quite friendly, though, and as such the seapony culture has welcomed them. They are not affected by the compulsion of Threes that the seaponies have. Octoponies have no known connection to seaponies, however it is theorized that the two may have shared a common ancestor.

While lakes and rivers often house self-contained communities of seaponies, the ocean seaponies often stick together, forming large towns within their reefs called maria. The largest of these maria is Kamposeidon, a great city dug into a coral reef led by a seapony by the name of Queen Atlanta. Maria are the land equivalent of towns, often governed by a single Three – one seapony to represent the maria in the Kamposeidon Council, one to watch over the maria, and one to communicate to the seafaring ponies of the land.

So as the ocean and the waterways of the world are all interconnected, so too are the seaponies' communications. As such, it is a wise idea for anypony who plans to make a living at sea to fall within the good graces of the seapony community. Many sailors today will still stop at a maria to ask for the Seaponies' blessing as well as anything of note that could affect their journey.

One final note – Seaponies of all three varieties are capable of breathing and talking above or under the water, however they MUST BE PARTIALLY SUBMERGED, or they will slowly dry out and suffocate; even a bucket of water will keep a seapony alive above the surface.
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