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 Races Of The World: Playable And Nonplayable
That Little Twerp
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Below, you will find a list of playable races that you can choose from and the minimum amount of total posts you need to have made in order to make a character of this species. Keep in mind that the species that require Staff Approval will be strictly regulated. Odds are that if you make an Alicorn or Dragon, it might not get approved.

Earth Pony - Often the most overlooked race, the Earth Pony is actually much more powerful than it's given credit for. Whereas Pegasi and Unicorns focus their magic and muscle into their wings and horn, Earth Ponies distribute it more evenly throughout their bodies, which gives them a far greater advantage in physical tasks, especially in farming and other land-based activities. They also have the ability to help foster growth in plant life, and under certain conditions can form gemstones inside of rocks. - Free

Pegasus - While they lack the more blatant magic and intelligence of unicorns or the strength and endurance of earth ponies, Pegasi have their own advantages. They are generally the fastest and most fit of the three pony races, and are naturally able to manipulate clouds and weather to various degrees. - Free

Unicorn - When someone thinks magic, they immediately think ‘Unicorn’ as well; and not without reason either. All unicorns have magic to varying degrees, so long as their horn is intact, and they can do some incredible things with it. While almost all have access to basic telekinesis, the also have a grasp of spells related to their Cutie Mark; barring rare prodigies whose special talent IS Magic. - Free

Crystal Pony - A subspecies of Earth Ponies, Crystal Ponies have only recently returned to Equestria at large following the defeat of King Sombra. While not as strong as their Earth Pony cousins, Crystal Ponies possess a unique type of magic that allows them to manipulate the shapes of crystals they are in physical contact with. This power is limited by the size and mass of the crystal itself, however, and takes several minutes to complete properly. - Free

Bat Pony - Just as the Crystal Ponies are a subspecies to the Earth Ponies, the Bat Ponies, or "Thestrals" as they are known as in some circles are a subspecies to the Pegasi. These nocturnal ponies came into existence during Nightmare Moon's rampage that transformed the city of Everfree into the twisted forest it is today. This race of ponies is looked upon with disdain, being walking reminders of Nightmare Moon's terrible power. They have been cursed to fly with leathery, bat-like wing instead of their diurnal cousin's pristine, feathery ones. The magic that twisted the first Thestrals into what they were gave them the need for a more... omnivorous diet, as evidenced by their fangs, canines, and other kinds of teeth designed for biting into, and tearing off pieces of meat. Though they are incapable of manipulating the weather, they are still capable of walking on clouds. In absence of this ability, they have gained an extremely acute sense of smell and hearing, as well as the ability to see clearly in areas with little to no light at all. These advantages have made the Bat Ponies into excellent hunters; something that this species had to grow accustomed to doing for one-thousand years thanks to their need for meat, in addition to vegetation. - Free

Seapony/Merpony/Octopony - The three different kind of "Sea Ponies", though they all possess similar abilities to one another, like communication with sealife, and the ability to manipulate sea currents through song, each kind of Sea Pony has distinct physical traits to separate them from one another. Seaponies themselves have the head of a pony, while their body is like that of a seahorse. They primarily use their prehensile tail to grasp and move things. Merponies have the head and upper bodies of a pony, but have the lower body of a fish. The kind of fish, however, depends on the merpony itself. There have been Lionfish Merponies, Shark Merponies, Clownfish Merponies, and so on and so forth. Octoponies bear the greatest resemblance to land Ponies, though, rather than legs, they possess eight to twelve tentacles located where their legs would be. - Free

Horses - Pony-like creatures that grow to be as big as Princess Celestia on average, Horses generally resemble Earth Ponies, but rather than having the innate magic that gives Earth Ponies their incredible strength and affinity for nature, a Horse's inner magic allows them to run far faster on hoof than any common earth pony, and can create gusts of wind, a tactic primarily used to kick up clouds of sand in Saddle Arabia. - Free

Dracony - Born between the incredibly uncommon union of Ponies and Dragons, Draconies are an extremely rare breed of creature, possessing a unique omnivorous diet and ability to consume gemstones like food, similar to dragons. Also like Dragons, Draconies are extremely varied in appearance, though they will always possess a quadrupedal profile similar to ponies and other equine species, regardless of whether or not it is a pony or dragon that carries the child to term. Draconies tend to inherit a majority of their traits from their draconian parent, and as a consequence, fewer traits from their pony parent. As such, Draconies with Unicorn or Pegasi parents are often born without a central horn capable of casting magic, or wings capable of flight. Despite being unable to take to the skies or cast magic, Draconies are more than capable of discovering their special talent and gaining a Cutie Mark to signal that discovery, just like a pony. Though regardless of whether they have wings or not, Draconies with a Pegasi parent will always inherit the Pegasi's natural ability to walk on, and manipulate clouds. However, in rare cases, there are Draconies born with wings, though they resemble the rough, leathery wings of a Dragon, rather than the soft, feathery wings of a Pegasus. Equally as rare are Draconies with a third, central horn similar in appearance to a Unicorn's horn, capable of using magic. - 50 Posts for a regular Dracony and 75 posts for a Unicorn or Pegasus Dracony.

Alicorn - Possessing traits of all three original pony tribes, Alicorns not only have the physical strength and connection to nature that Earth Ponies have, they are capable of flying at speeds rivaling, and even exceeding that, in some cases, of the Pegasi. Their ability to manipulate magic itself and cast spells is far greater than that of even the most accomplished Unicorn mages, and are gifted with limited immortality and an eternally youthful appearance. It is possible to become an Alicorn, though the means to do so are a mystery. - Staff Approval

Vampires - Referring to a collective of species afflicted with the curse of true Vampirism, which can be passed on by biting a victim, and allowing the dark magic of the curse to spread. Vampires are twisted creatures of the night, and the dark magic of the curse is what transformed them into their current state. Though this curse grants them incredible powers, the sun's rays are capable of physically harming Vampires, and prolonged exposure can possibly be enough to kill them. In addition, they are particularly susceptible to holy objects or weapons, as well as holy water. - Staff Approval

True Vampires - As an Alicorn is the strongest of the Ponies, or an Alikirin is the strongest of the Kirin, a True Vampire is this to Vampires as a whole, where they gain batlike wings, and/or a horn. Like their far less twisted, but just as powerful counterparts, they are few and far between, choosing to live secluded lives away from civilization. These creatures possess strength that matches, and can even exceed that of the strongest of Earth Ponies, are swifter than most Pegasi, and have the magical strength and prowess said to be on par with an Ali-creature, offset by a great and terrible bloodthirst that must be slaked for them to maintain their strength, though there are those that can resist the temptation to drain the blood of a victim, capable of maintaining their strength through sheer force of will alone. True Vampires are capable of cursing creatures with Vampirism by biting them, and "injecting" them with a shred of their own dark magic, thus "cursing" them with Vampirism. Unlike those afflicted with False Vampirism, who find sun exposure extremely uncomfortable, and regular Vampires, who are physically harmed by the sun's rays, True Vampires can walk in direct sunlight with no physical harm to their bodies, though their incredible strength is diminished while exposed to the sun's rays. Though this means they are easier to kill, they are still formidable opponents despite the handicap. Like any Vampire, True Vampires are particularly susceptible to holy symbols, holy weaponry, and holy water. - Staff Approval

Changeling - Changelings are ponylike, insectoid creatures that operate through a hivemind. Many scholars theorize that when a pony's emotions are completely drained through magical means, this is the end result. These creatures are capable of shapeshifting, which allows them to blend in with their prey; the common Pony. They take the place of a pony, and feed off of the love others have for the pony they have taken the shape of. The more love they have absorbed, the stronger the changeling becomes. Building off of the theory that changelings were once normal ponies, when a changeling drains the love from and subsequently kills or transforms somepony they cared for in their previous life into a Changeling themselves, they may achieve independence from the hivemind and become a Queen Changeling, allowing them to establish a hive of their own. It should be noted that "Queen" is a catch-all term for any ascended Changeling, though there have been reports of male, or "King" Changelings. - 75 Posts for regular Changeling/Staff Approval for King/Queen Changeling

Gryphon - A predatory species that is half-eagle/half-lion. The Gryphons were originally made by Discord in a fit of boredom. Due to the combinations of animals, for whatever reason, this made the Gryphons incredibly antagonistic towards Ponies; perhaps due to the influence of Discord's chaotic magic. While this is no longer the case, relations between the two species are still rather poor at the moment and there is a small amount of tension between them. - 25 posts

Diamond Dog - A semi-subterranean species that lives on a combination of minerals from gemstones and protein from meat, Diamond Dogs are literally the best diggers in the known world. That said, they have a slightly strained relationship with ponies; what with their slightly monstrous appearance and tendency to trick or coerce ponies into working to find gems for them. - 25 Posts

Inukami - A species similar to Diamond Dogs, Inukami share a similar body structure to their Equestrian cousins. Inukami, though similar to Diamond Dogs in many ways, such as the need for minerals and proteins to survive, Inukami can subsist on far less, able to draw the minerals they need from simple rocks. Inukami are also said to be able to cast a limited range of magic, which usually encompasses illusion spells, or minor offensive spells, such as a simple fireball spell. However, it is because they are able to use such a limited range of spells, they are considered to be some of the best users of those spells in the world. - 25 Posts

Crystal Wolf - The feral northern cousins to the Diamond Dogs, Crystal Wolves, like their cousins, subsist on minerals from gemstones and crystals found in the Crystal Mountains. However, the Crystal Wolves prefer to hunt for their food, and their light frames and sharp claws make them incredibly deadly hunters. Though Diamond Dogs and Inukami have a strained relationship with ponies, the relationship between Crystal Wolves and Ponies is nonexistant. They see Ponies as nothing but their next meal and won't even consider using them for manual labor. - 25 Posts

Dragon - As one of the most feared races in the world, dragons have certainly earned their position. They can live for up to five thousand years naturally, and with magic this can be nearly doubled, but the majority don’t bother with the mind-boggling amounts of power that such an extension requires. A fully-grown dragon of two millenia stands easily twenty times taller than a pony, and with their command of both magic and their natural abilities they are a race to be feared. - Staff Approval

Earth Kirin/Qilin - Like Ponies, Kirin, or Qilin, which are a deerlike creature with draconic traits, come in three distinct varieties. Earth Kirin have notoriously thick scales which can be shed and crafted into armor. They also have the ability to breath a special kind of "breath magic", which often just translates into them being able to exhale certain elements, such as fire, or lightning, or being capable of unleashing devastating sonic attacks. Another fact about Kirin, and this applies to ALL Kirin, is that they are literally impossible to poison. Their metabolism is so incredibly high that the body can process and destroy any poison with ease. This makes Kirin blood a very potent antivenom. Kirin are unique creatures, in that, while they are deerlike in appearance, they can breed with ponies, resulting in Kirin with far more ponylike bodyshapes, though they retain most, if not all Kirin traits. These Hybrids tend to make up a large portion of Mane-Ji's population, which is more varied, while Neighpon's population consists of both pureblooded and mixed-blood Kirin.- Free

Air Kirin - Like Pegasi, Air Kirin can fly and walk on clouds, but lack their ability to actually manipulate them and cause rainfalls or lightning strikes. Instead, Air Kirin have the ability to manipulate and bend air currents to their will, compressing or dispersing it, or creating updrafts or vacuums. - Free

Horned Kirin - Horned Kirin are unique in the manner that no matter how many horns they posses, or how they are shaped, they are functionally no different than Unicorns. However, due to their draconic blood, elemental spells are far easier for a Horned Kirin to perform than it is for a Unicorn.- Free

Alikirin - Just as Alicorns are a divine combination of all of the traits of the three Pony tribes, Alikirin are this to the three Kirin races. Capable of using Breath Magic like the Earth Kirin, able to fly and manipulate the wind as Air Kirin do, and like their divine cousins the Alicorns, they hold a greater mastery over magic than a normal Unikirin. - Staff Approval

Zebra - From the land on Zebrica, Zebras are an interesting race. They have a connection to the land that rivals that of Earth Ponies, allowing them to craft incredible potions, poisons and medicines. While Zecora of Ponyville has led some to believe that all zebras speak only in rhyme, this is actually a cultural choice and is mostly for those of a certain standing in zebra society. - 25 Posts

Farasus - A strange species native to Zebrica. They resemble Zebra, yet they have pegasus wings which zebras do not, and seem to have similar abilities to Pegasi, like Zebras do to Earth Ponies. In their home country, they have been both revered as gods, slandered a demons and everything in between; what they really are, nopony seems to know. - 50 Posts

Giraffe - Giraffe take the Zebra's isolationist tendencies to such extremes that they were assumed to be mythological entities, like the Farasi, until very recently. They believe in the sanctity of wild nature over everything else, regarding the home making, weather wielding, forest clearing and farm growing habits of most other races as abominations against the perfect world they reside in. Beyond this disdain for all others, little is known about the giants of Pundani. -25 Posts

Sphinx - Resembling winged lions, Sphinxes have a lion's natural strength, along with the gift of intelligence that allows them to converse with other species. Many sphinxes have an affinity for riddles, and it is said that if a Sphinx's quarry bests them in a game of riddles, they are allowed to escape unharmed. - 50 Posts

Buffalo - Massive and powerful creatures, buffalo are deeply spiritual and proud. Though they lack the magical connection to the land that Earth Ponies boast, they still seem to understand it and how best to work it. There is some talk of magic that allows them to commune with spirits, but unicorns have patently dismissed this claim as nonsense. Currently, the largest buffalo settlement is located within walking distance of Appleloosa and enjoys a truce with the pony town, even engaging in some minor trade with it. - 25 Posts

Minotaur - These strange, bipedal creatures are one of the strongest nonmagical creatures on the planet, boasting enough physical strength to crush boulders with their "hands". These appendages, which work similarly to a dragon's claws, allow Minotaurs to grasp tools and perform procedures with the minute detail normally required by a Unicorn's horn. Due to their strange appearance, Minotaurs are largely avoided outside of their home country. - 75 Posts

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