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 We All Need...(open), August 2nd
 Posted: Jun 14 2014, 07:01 PM
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Legacy: *arranged to meet Brann at lunch, and is looking around for him as she sits down*

Twist slowly walks over to legacy and sits on tye ground. "You know... we live together right? You didnt have to arrange a date to talk" he said. He had gotten cold as sye spent more and more time with Frozen, having spoken less and less

Legacy: Well... *thinks~Well as much as I'm sure you won't hurt me... It doesn't hurt to be cautious....* This is something... Not exactly... I don't know. I just didn't want to do it in my very flammable house

Twist just stared. "Yes, because leading me away from your house would stop me from burning it to the ground if I really wanted too" he said flatly. "I think I already know where this is going, but please continue" he said, almist growling the last three words

Well it would certainly stop him from burning it to the ground on impulse, but that wasn't the real reason she had gone to this location. Her primary reason she would keep to herself. This had been long overdue, she had been trying for ages to try and think of the right way to put it. But truly… There was no right way. She was just going to spit it out. "These feathers you gave me…" Legacy pulled out the case that held them. "Showed me just how much you loved me. I've been trying over the past few months, but I find that I just don't feel that way… I can't accept them, and I can't love you… I do hope that we might still remain friends though." It sounded somewhat rehearsed.

Twist took the the box back and opened it "So I have served my perpose to you" he said coolly. He looked at each feather individually "taste... touch... sight... sound... smell... knowledge... strength... endurance... and skill" he said as he picked each one up "thosse are the properties I put into each feather other than my ability to ressurect through fire. Ever notice you had inhanced senses when you had these on you? Well... i gave you one for you... and eight to what you please with" he said, remiving the tips from all but one. They starteed to glow, and in one swift movement he crushed them all together. "So here is your one feather back" he finished, handing the feather back

Once upon a time that may have been true. He had served his purpose to her, so she was over with him. But she wasn't that mare any more, she was sure… And she didn't want to loose one of the few friends she had. She couldn't love him as a husband as he seemed to want her. She could treasure him as a friend… Legacy just couldn't feel anything more though for him. She felt bad, considering the gift he had given her.

Huh… she hadn't really noticed it at the time, but the forest leaves and colors had become more intense and vivid when she wore it that time in the Everfree. She had thought that it was just the Blood Moon messing with her. That had been the only time that she had ever worn a feather. "When you gave this to me for Hearth's Warming Eve you didn't exactly clarify that bit… But even so. This is your soul you gifted to me. Its like a wedding ring on steroids. If I had given it to others it I may have only had part of your soul then, but you still gave it to me."

Twist nodded "Gifts are a strong thing Legacy... and I don't just give them out. You had eight feathers to do what you will with, and one of your own. Now you have one feather... and that one is yours. You may see it as a proposal of marraige, but everyone knows such a thing is a hollow instatution with a fancy name that has no real meaning other than the fact that two people love each other. Its not even that anymore. Its a legal contract that indicates two people share there property. That is not what this feather means though. This feather is an indication of how you have impacted my very soul. I knew you never could actually marry me, and to marry you would just be a painful curse knowing that you will one day die. This feather is for me to hope to help you be the best you can be in all walks of life... even if I am not with you. They are a bridge... you wear it and while you do we are connected... you will never feel it if you dont want too... but the moment I gave you those feathers I was tied to you. I cannot ever untie myself until those feathers burn out, and that will be a grim end as I will never get to walk or fly or even live ever again. Pheonixes can die legacy... and only when that happens will I be free from what I have done. I am a bird in a cage... and happy to be such, as that cage is the only way I can be with you and be free. You made no commitment by accepting, and you are free to do what you wish. You do not believe you could love me that is fine... but I will never be able to take that feather from you, nor will anyone else be able too. No one but you can touch that feather... not even me. Lock it in a box, or leave it on a desk. Bury it if you really want too... but you will be the inly one able to find or retrive it" he finished standing up "however... if that is all I will not keep you" he finished

"Bind on pick up then…" Legacy would be amused if she weren't dismayed at the fact that it was hers and hers forever. And the likely fact that it would probably burn anyone alive who whatsoever as touched it. He had made himself mortal, he told her, so that he could be with her. "You've just… Given me something I can't match up to. I can't help but feel I owe you for it. A debt I can never repay, a debt I never asked for. I know how much it means to give someone their soul. That depth of feeling. I feel bad for being unable to return that level… But I just can't."

Twist blinked "I never asked you to... nor did I expect you too. You have no debt, or I would have told you about it. If you want to payme back though... dont bury it or anything" he said simply

Legacy looked at the feather, picking it up in her hooves. He probably wouldn't like that. But she couldn't help but wonder what he had said. This feather pretty much sounded like a… Something booster. Legacy couldn't help but drop it back on the table as she picked it up, startled and overwhelmed by the rush of the senses and of… Other things, as she did so. She looked apologetically to Brannskada. "I just… How can I not feel that when it means so much? And does it auto-combust anyone else who touches it or something?"

Twist sighed and reached out, his claw just going through it "no... no one can touch it at all. Period. You could leave it here and no one could do anything about it. You owe me nothing, just dont get rid of it and we will be even." He finished simply

Legacy paused for a second, unsure what to say about that giant estate he had offered to build her. If she owed him nothing for his very soul, what did that mean about the estate? She felt guilty for it all, getting so much and being able to return so little. "Soooo… I don't know how to ask this non-ackwardly… I mean, whatever you choose to do to the estate is okay. It is yours after all. And I do mean it, I do hope we can be friends even through this. But I wouldn't blame you if you didn't want to…"

Twist nods "you dont have to worry" he said simply

"Where will you go?" It sounded like they might still remain friends, maybe. But where he would go from here she did not know, since he definitely wouldn't be living with her any more after this.

Twist just sighed. "Dont worry about me legacy. I will be fine" he repeated

She had been worried that he wouldn't be. Considering the state he had been in all those months ago when he appeared before her and all… "So really now, where will you go?" She meant the question. Maybe he didn't want to tell her.

Twist sighed again "just... trust if you need me i will be there" he finished

"That's... Fair enough." Said Legacy as she got up from the table, almost feeling like that was a goodbye or something. He was certainly departing, even if it wasn't at this second. And she couldn't think of anything to change his mind on the matter

Twist nodded "dont worry legacy... Ill be there if you need me... it may take some time but ill be there" he finished and flew away

Legacy looked down at the table then sat back down, looking at the feather. If she ever needed him... He'd be there. She imagined he could even see through this feather. An eternal radar device. It made her hesitant to carry it around on her person. Outside of its case. Granted, she'd been pretty hesitant to put them in a case at all once she learned the truth of them. But they had been in that gift package, and had been in the case all along without doing harm. She imagined this would be the quickest way to contact Brann if she ever needed him. But in seeing him leave her again... Even if she knew it was her fault this time... She wasn't sure she ever would... Legacy let her mane fall over her eyes, trying to hide the fact she was crying from those in the restaurant.

She didn't want the others to see her cry. Particularly her gang members. (She had arranged that a few of them be in the place in case things got hairy) Even if she had had her pregnant moments, and they were to be expected, she still didn't want them to see her like this.

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