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Starting on the In-character date of Mid-June 2019, Journeys Across Equestria's first "Post Reboot" Story Arc will begin. When the latest Lunar Eclipse refuses to pass, Luna and Celestia find themselves cut off from the Moon and Realm of Dreams! Meanwhile, children everywhere are suddenly and inexplicably falling into a deep magical slumber, where they are tormented by terrible nightmares! Who, or what could possibly be responsible?!

To learn more about this upcoming event, please visit the Blood Moon Information and General Discussion thread in the Inn. If you want one or more of your characters to participate in this event, let us know here! The cutoff date for players who wish to participate in this event is May 11th, 2014.

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Date: June 2019 A.D (After Discord)
Current Events: Blood Moon
Description: When the Sisters are cut off from the Moon and the Realm of Dreams, a dark presence makes itself known in Equstria as children everywhere fall into a magically-induced slumber, plagued by terrible nightmares!
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 The End Is The Beginning..., March 10, 2019 A.D.
 Posted: Apr 11 2014, 07:27 AM
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"Where...where am I?"

It was the first thought that slowly crawled through the Kirin's head. An understandable question for one in this position. All around there was darkness He wasn't sure if it was because his eyes hadn't adjusted, or because it was night or...well a myriad of other reasons. All he knew was that it was dark. Everything was dark and still. Even the air itself seemed to be infected with the same essence of stagnation. It oddly seemed both thin and heavy, seeming completely unsuitably to sustain life.
Though...that being said. it only now occurred to the Kirin that he couldn't breathe! The moment he'd realized it his mind went into a frenzy. He had to breathe! He needed air! Why wasn't he dead? With the last bit of control that the kirin could muster, he tried to stay calm. Panic would just make this worse, after all. He just had to find out where he was. After he did that he could find out what to do.

The Kirin carefully lifted hid right claw and...wait that couldn't be right. Not only was his right claw already in the air, it seemed he couldn't move it at all! As hard as he tried his foreleg wouldn't respond in the slightest. And that wasn't all. Nothing was responding. No matter how hard he tried he couldn't even twitch in the slightest. Every muscle in his body, paralyzed. It was like a nightmare.

"Am-am I dead? How? How did.."

The Kirin's capacity for coherent thought was dwindling fast. He had to escape. He had to get out of here, if...if there was any getting out. What if he was dead? And if not...what was the difference? Dead or buried alive and trapped forever in some dark pit with no hope of even so much as drawing another breath? What sort of a choice was that? The fear was maddening. It was like a blade of ice piercing his heart, inch by inch slowly but surely, till he perished or was so far gone he no longer cared. Was that his fate? Why? How had he even ended up here? Where was the exit? Where was the exit? Where was the exit? Wh-


It was only the faintest glimmer but just dancing on the edge of his vision there was a light. He wanted so desperately to look on that light, to focus on it with all he could, but even so much as shifting his eyes seemed to require a nigh titanic effort. Such a simple act, so far out of reach If...if he could just find the light maybe he could escape! If he could...if

The light was fading. How long had it been? He'd been trying desperately for so long. He was thirsty, hungry, suffocating...why hadn't he died yet? So long without a breath and he still hadn't just passed out or died. Why? If he was already dead, was this his punishment? Why? What had he done to earn this? The Kirin struggled and struggled for days. At least...he assumed they were days. The light reappeared and faded, so without anything else he simply latched onto that as day and night. He wanted to scream, to do something anything, but all he could do was lie there, frozen.
He lost the light three times, not counting the first. Each time the light appeared he tried desperately just to look at it. Just to stare in its direction and each time he failed. Part of the Kirin wanted to give up. To just accept this fate and die if it meant release. But there was no release, no reprieve, and so without alternative he kept trying to latch onto that one small thing. That faint light, the only hope he had.

And then...then finally he could see. The fourth time the light appeared, with everything he had within him he turned a single eye toward the light. And as he did, it seemed to grown. it felt like warmth was returning to his body. He would've smiled but quite frankly that small effort had exhausted the Kirin so completely even such a small gesture seemed beyond him.

Then it began.

A single small clack. The Kirin felt something small bounce off his forehead. It felt like a small stone. So...did that mean he was underground? Before the Kirin could contemplate further he heard similar sound. The clacking of stone against stone as more points of light opened up above him. Soon, though not soon enough if you were to ask him, the darkness above him fell away and finally, finally he could see.
The Kirin tried to stand, but his movements were still slow and labored. A he slowly struggled to get up, the Kirin let out a cough . He was a bit to disoriented to see what came out, but it seemed to be...sand? Honestly, he was to weak and tired to address that now. He just wanted to find food or water or...well something.

The Kirin stumbled about oblivious of his surroundings walking through what seemed to be a large cavern, though one without any roof to speak of. He couldn't wait to taste the open air. To stretch his limbs and fill his rumbling belly. But before that he'd have to get outside

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